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    Minimum bus fare of the state increased from Rs. 5 to Rs. 6

    Thiruvananthapuram: Today the meeting held by the council of ministers decided to hike the minimum bus rate from Rs. 5 to Rs. 6.The Justice Ramachandran Nair Fare Revision Committee, constituted by the State government recommended bus fare revision whenever necessary. This is applicable for both KSTRC and Private bus operators.
    There are more than 30,000 private buses running in the state while KSRTC numbers around 5200. The private bus operators demanded hike soon after the hike in the price of Diesel last week by Rs.5/Liter
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    The raising of the bus charge from Rs.5.00 to Rs.6.00 is related to the minimum charge. Proportionately the charges will be increase for long distance travels also. The final rates and the date of implementation are yet to be announced. Meanwhile the private bus owners had announced a continuous strike, which was withdrawn based on Government's decision to raise bus fare.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    If we looking from Bus ownes, it is necessary to increase bus fare. Because government increased petrol and diesel price largly. So it is necessary. If we are looking from government. No need to increase petrol and diesel charges rapidly. Check the price of petrol and diesel in india's nearest country Pakistan. If we buy from pakistan, we can sell lower than now available price. But due to the wide use of fuels it is closer to dead end. So availability less items price increase. If we look at our side their is no need to pay 6 Rs. Better way is travel with own vehicles.

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    Also, they increase ST from Rs 0.50 to Rs 1.00. I am agree with this. Because no bus conductors give .50 ps ticket to any student. I am experienced in lot of buses. I am also giving Rs 1.00 instead of Rs 0.50. Not only me also other students. Another thing is to find Rs .50 is difficult. It is rare like Rs .25 . Any way increasing of bus fare makes difficult in ordinary and average peoples.

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    dear friend,
    we the kerala people having a problem that we people just thinking about is the major drawback of our state compare with other states in India .The last years there also a change in the bus fair as only some friction amount that is less than one rupee.There is some disagree attitude shown by the people by this change of bus fair for one or two months and back to silence. As my suggestions is that for long journeys the bus fair is collecting according by there annual income by the help of adhar card or by any other source .That is help to maintain the economical system ,and it is beneficial to the poor peoples to survive by giving a little amount .


    sirash khan

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    Dear friend,
    I didn't tell that it's not right to increase the bus fair. But along with that the income level of person should be increased . Then only it can be affordable to common people. we should think on both sides. I know many people with very low income travel long distance with respect to their work, but when bus fare is increased their income is not increasing at all. Then how this can get solved?

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    hi Jeena ,
    I said those words as a common man's view that people with very low income travel long distance for their work ,by spending a little money from the source income .All sectors in our country are linked together it is like a cycle that common people suffer a lot .A part of the bus fair is given to road tax by the bus owners ,that type of taxes are collectively used for our road work,bridge work its all the part of our development.if more development come to kerala more sectors will came to kerala and it will increase of economy.This economy used for encourage the poor people with very low income.and gods own country remain gods own country


    sirash khan

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    Not only bus fare but the charges for all the basic necessities of human has increased. if this situation continues, the decline of human power will start soon.

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