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    Sathyan's birth centenary on 9th November 2012

    Sathyan, who changed the hero concept in Malayalam film, will become hundred years old on 9th November, if he was still alive. He had relatively a small period as an actor. He started his acting career in 1952 after serving as a police officer. But during this period he really created several notable and unforgettable characters and he personified an era in Malayalam, cinema.

    Some of his immortal characters he did in Malayalam cinema include Sreedharan Nair (Neelakkuyil), Pappu (Odayil ninnu), Palani (Chemmeen), Sreeni (Yakshi), Chellappan (Anubhavangal Palichakal) and Damdaran Mthalali (Krakana kkadal). Sathyan lived as therse characters in these films. In other films also he did excel in those roles which he appeared.

    He could not continue his acting career due to serious illness which finally took his life in 1971, thus leaving a big gap in Malayalam cinema field.
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    Sathyan Maash, the towering talent of Malayalam cinema is an unforgettable mention every time Malayalam cinema is referred to. His unique style and unparalleled forte have always been worth mentioning.

    Though his career onscreen spanned only for 2 decade he had already towered up into a name that always co-existed with the history of Malayalam Cinema. His debut film Aathmasakhi at once hooked attention of the film world and with the film Neelakuyil directed by P.Bhaskaran and Ramu Karyat Sathyan made his own space in the lime light. With customized acting skills and own theories of acting Sathyan maash was one of the two powerful duo of the screen along with Prem Nazir.

    His masculinity and immense potential of acting that excelled while portraying struggling and reserved characters especially compact within themselves and hard to comprehend as of Palani of the iconic film Chemmeen and the duel characters of father and son in Kadal Paalam. Sathyan Maash's realistic portrayal of struggling lives clasp our hearts and percolates deep into our memory when given characters like Pappu from Odayil ninn . He knew how to touch hearts and create magic onscreen.

    His dominant personality rendered the shade of a familial aptness to his soft toned characters when playing the husband or lover. The same dominant hue gave power and coarseness to his rough characters of the rebels as in Kadal Paalam. The respectable figures that he breathed life into like that of Palani and Thacholi Othenan and also Pappu are his all time best performances. A man of logic and reason was always skilfully handled by this brilliant actor when acting itself was on its slow growth. His care in not overdoing a character by exaggerated expressions was his secret score card to real life portrayals.

    No words can capture in the brilliancy of his acting and what magic he made on screen and so whatever matter I write in is only going to restrain the glory and forte of the actor in powerless words. His expressions speaks louder than any dialogues and his skill can never be summed up into puny combinations or words. Head kept bowing before the immense talent of this titan who gave life to characters who were mere thoughts or words.

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    I am a big fan of sathyan maash. I am very interested to see old malayalam films like neelakuyil ...... Now malayalam films are backwarding. I am very interested to see his films and feel a variety touch in his films. Any way sathyan maash never dead from keralas mind. May be this generation only.

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    He is dead for this generation too Sultan. Haven't you noticed not a single comedy show passes without someone imitating this great actor. Even though a mockery of his styles the actor is reborn each of these times in our memories. Moreover Old Malayalam films are a treasure trove of talents and matter. They will never die out. Once embedded on the screen they are forever imprinted not only in the Silver screen but also in our hearts and memories. Same goes for such immense talents like Sathyan Maash. They can never die out. They have capture immortality through their acting.

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