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    Environmental problems and landscape of Kerala

    Kerala is facing several environmental issues than many other States in the country, perhaps, because of its size and lay out. This small State has a length of about 600 km and an average width of 70 km (maximum width is about 140 km). The whole landed area is divided into three regions, high lands, mid lands and low lands. Because of this pattern, rain water without getting preserved, reaches the sea within hours. Earlier people developed their own techniques to retain this water for the whole season. The thick forests also helped this to a very large extent.

    Soil become fertile only by mixing with water. The human interference in the name of development has almost done away with the means of water conservation in the plains as well as in the hilly areas. This is a major environmental issue which the State is facing at present. Availability of drinking water is going to be a major, perhaps the topmost problem of this State soon. This State has the maximum number of wells, but these wells are getting dried in summer months.

    The rivers have lost the capacity to retain water due to heavy sand mining. Even if water is available in some of the rivers, the water quality do not permit us to use it for drinking purposes. All forms of wastes are thrown into rivers by all people, industries, local bodies, etc., which contaminate river water through out.
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    Dear friend,
    I am not agree with you. I visited lot of places out side the kerala like tamil nadu, bangalore, karnadaka..... But I am disappointed with their culture, roads and more. Sides of the roads are filled with wastes and producing smells. Their hotels are not good like kerala. Their behaviour about others. Because I am live in a village. Problems are also in kerala. Look at the trivandrum and kollam centre. Same like tamil nadu. So I am happy with my village.


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    hi friend,
    I am not agree with sulthan why it is because village or city in the kerala is not developed as much as other states like karnataka and tamil nadu ..I said these by having some reasons they have there own life style .if the kerala is very much than other states them why the kerala depend other states for fruits,vegetables and other food stuffs .There is few dirty places in a state ..The life style and tradition of each state is different ,the kerala people not much satisfy the other state tradition but we respect the them why because we all are Indians ..

    sirash khan

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    The landscape of Kerala as you said sir is of a mixed range of land patterns but all truly magnificent in their own way. Kerala having a moderate climate zone supports almost all types of life forms that do not need the extreme climatic conditions.

    Analyzing the topography of Kerala stating it that the water runs down to sea is not a right conclusion. Starting from the ghats it prevents the hot winds from intermixing with the ocean breezes that carries the moisture and causes the monsoon clouds. Being a barrier to the extreme drought conditions beyond the string of ghats. Being basically a lowland area Kerala is bound to drown if more water is stagnated without allowing it a cycle into the sea. This flowing water fertilizes the entire area of Kerala flowing from North to South into sea it covers along with its tributaries the entire landmass enabling water supply for majority of the land area here.

    Concerning the forest ecosystem we have to lay the blame on anthropogenic interventions that greatly affects the environment and eco-system.

    Opposing to a point that you have mentioned I would like to draw your attention on the large water bodies or backwater systems that naturally exists in Kerala that holds in water masses from the sea and avoids its connected tributaries or canals from drying out in the warmer climates. Moreover the natural dams, The Mangrove forests are such efficient barrages to check the flow of water from land to sea and also acts as a highly protective Eco system but unfortunately in current conditions facing threat of existence.

    Ponds, lakes, canals, were all parts of conserving water bodies but unfortunately is being wiped off in the name of development and pools with tiled bases appear for the rich to lavish in.

    To all this now looms upon us the threat of reduced rainfall due to the drastic alterations in the climatic cycles also a result of the development and industrialization that the expected summer is predicted to be far high in temperature than the past years which will doubtlessly leach out our water resources and now that we have only scanty rainfall the hopes of our water bodies to get filled up again is going to be mere hopes and not reality. This is a very serious issue that it has already affected our hydro-power systems and this will only worsen with the coming summer and many more summers in the future. It is essential that we do trace out some alternatives or else think of remedies to the situation. What ever be the future we can already expect it to be arid and dry.

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