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    New Threats to Malayalam Film Industry


    Being the industry where our films have only a small market share area but have world class actors struggling when big budget films from other languages come to conquer kerala. These are truly not because of the class . when thinking about the class, Malayalam cinema have mammootty, mohanlal other languages not have same will make the difference. When looking in to all other actors/actresses in acting there are also far better than other language actors/ actresses . This will make Malayalam cinema incomparable with other language films.

    We got a very good actors , out standing Directors, great scripts writers, and good technicians , still we are not getting what we are deserved. Even we are not getting what we are deserved can be forgettable but other language films with out anything in quality become success in kerala and become curse to good films in kerala is can not accept at all. Some times feel that peoples in kerala give too much importance to other language masala big budget films that would not given to super star films. I would not say these big budget Tamil, Hindi films should be banned here ( actually that is required but it is against the viewer 's liberty to see films) but should impose some healthy restrictions that other languages already imposing on Malayalam films in order to protect their industry. Impose some additional tax to be levied on other language films, and impose some restrictions on releasing of other language films for promoting Malayalam films. For this not much changes not required to implement because Malayalam films have incomparable advantages over other language films.

    When other language big budget films come like tsunami conquer all the theaters and then all Malayalam films not getting deserved appreciation even it could not get theater for release. Do you think such unwanted importance that we are given to Vijay movie, Sourya movie, Rajanikanth movie, Kamal hasan movie etc. will get in tamilnadu when our superstar films releases. In tamilnadu or in any where Malayalam films will not get proper place for releasing. THIS IS STRICTLY NOT BECAUSE OF QUALITY OF FILMS…. We give all theaters to other language films but they will give theaters only after serving their own film industry. They are actually afraid that when their viewers start watching realistic Malayalam films class of their people will raise and their market will loose.

    To the viewer please consider Malayalam films also when other language sharks are also coming don't forget to watch small Malayalam films. Some times I feel that viewers giving unwanted importance to other language films which more better in terms of budget and technology. We all have right to watch any language movies but when we seeing remakes of Malayalam films to other languages , can understood the class of actors and film maker in Malayalam. Did you see 'chandramugi' is it better than 'manichitrathazhu' the classic Malayalam film??? It's just an example many more what we have…..

    As far as Malayalam industry , we have small area to market our films. We have small budget is feasible that can collected from our limited area of business. Our films are now coming with good pace and making great atmospheres at theater. In such situation film strike is not at all good for the industry , but curse.It is interesting that just before of Thuppakki release film strike ended and welcome the other language film. I am no sure that it will happen when super star Malayalam film releases. Thuppakki is not an end many big sharks are still to come to attack Malayalam industry. Welcome them but not allow to collapse Malayalam industry. it is most favorable situation that our film minister is also from film industry he very much understand the needs of film industry to impose necessary things to protect world's best film industry. Malayalam industry should make use this situation that may not come in near future.
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    The point is a debatable one but thinking again it is because the people like all the exaggerating other language films and they prefer them over Malayalam films. Here in our industry there have been a huge come back of cinema that hopefully doubled its audiences and with the new stars on the trail fans are already increasing in numbers day by day.

    New films have already flooded the theaters and made huge hits out of the new releases from the mid 2000. This even forced the closing down of Cinema halls due to lack of audience and this was the reason which prompted the theaters to cater to us Tamil and Hindi films which we accepted with all interests and made then huge success. This continues even till today.

    The decline of Malayalam film industry that lead to the migration of viewers to seek other language films like Tamil and Hindi was from the 1950's onward to the 2001 years and that span made the worst of films in our industry but recently say for the last 6 or 7 years starting from hits like Meesamadhavan, Notebook, Classmates etc the industry have been reborn and new faces arise from the ashes. I can only compare our industry to the Phoenix bird who takes birth from the ashes .

    Even today the huge success of Tamil and Hindi films negatively eclipse the grandeur and talent of our industry. Moreover the migration of our own stars to other South Indian language films at the same time boosts our interest in the films.Boycotting the other South Indian language films is not a rightful solution to the problem but increasing the quality of our films is. And this exactly is what our new generation films are doing.

    So far findings have proved that inclusion of item numbers in films have drastically increased the audience rates of films which is exactly why the Hindi and Tamil industries flower in glory.And our industry couldn't help copying the success mantra which to a level now forms the base necessity of a hit film. But the recent releases like Thattathin Marayathu, Ustad Hotel, Diamond Necklace, 22 Female Kottayam, Tournament etc were films who negated this success mantra and took risk introducing new faces which ultimately found great success in our Box office. The trick is not to bring in Super Star films or item numbers but even without the cliche attractions in this generation true talents get identified rightly. Good stories excellent directions, talented casts, soothing music, cinematography are all factors that attract people to films like moths to light. Exposure of films with thrilling or touching trailers and marketing through media have now become a common trick to turn the table ensuring audience traffic in the theaters.

    So far as I am concerned I have no worries on the future of Malayalam films in the safe hands of our youth who are capsule forms of entertainers, talented, gifted, ready to exhibit the talents, having a right perception of filming , forming excellent teams who give out wondrous results , well versed in the latest technology and in short the rightful heirs to the film industry who doubtlessly take film to greater heights and fame.

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    Yes Gokul K.R.
    you are right. Other language films are firing malayalam film industry. Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood are the main opponents of malayalam film industry. In this diwali, lot of other languages movies are captured malayalam theatres. Thuppakki, James Bond 007 Sky Fall and Jab Tak Hai Jaan are the main opponents of malayalam films in Diwali time. Malayalam films collections losed due to these films. Also, malayalam films are low budget films with lack of story. So malayalies are choosen other language films. Our high budget films are low budget in Bollywood and Tollywood. In tamilnadu, most of the peoples avoid other language films. So their films are hit and have lot of collections. So the looking for big budget films with good stories. Tamilnadu is our nearest state. Why malayalam film industry down than tamil film industry?


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    Hi friend,

    A good film is born by interweave the good actors ,Directors,scripts writers, and technicians. In Malayalam film industry we have very good actors , out standing Directors, great scripts writers, and good technicians but the combinations are not good. Some good films are generated by good combination in Malayalam film industry those films are box office hits. In Malayalam film industry that lead to the migration of viewers to seek other language films due to the lack of good films that peoples are not getting what they are deserves. Some of the young generation films are hit making by they use the proper combinations. As a viewer we expect something new from the big screen ,but some time it will be a flop story ,but the casting and other technologies are good, some times the story is good and the other technologies are not enough.This is the main problem of our film industry.

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    Hi friends,

    Here after all discussion we find that the Malayalam film we have new films.But lack of combination in Malayalam industry will not give a good Malayalam film.we having good directors,script writers,actors and also a good technical teams.

    sirash khan

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    Very true. People, especially Malayalees are very much interested in other language movies. Especially Hindi and Tamil. This reduces the number of audience for Malayalam movies. The people behind Malayalam Film industry should try hard to sort out this problem or else Malayalam films will only be in dreams.

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    hi friends,
    This thread must very important to us ,as a Malayalee I think the other languages will break us the box office hits. This is happened because of the other languages big budget films will choose the Malayalee audience . Most probably the Malayalam film having less number of Malayalee audience as compared to the other languages film. Last year we can clear that in the base of reports the other languages film will earn more money from the kerala. We didnt have a proper rule to restrict the realise of the other languages films. In some festival time the other languages films will earn more and more from the kerala audience.

    sirash khan

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