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    Contrasts between new and old films.

    The film field was born all a sudden and have developed from its toddler stage into a grown up genre within very few years of birth. The film history of Kerala wouldn't go farther than the 1930's from the first film Vigathakumaran to the latest hits of 2012. Thinking about the world cinema it might hook our attention to the fact that when the rest of the world were to witness the era of silent films the only two silent films made in Malayalam was Vigathakumaran and Marthandavrma and then within 8 years of the release of the first Malayalam film the first sound film Balan have already come into the market.The following years saw many a veterans and titans of the field and the world rose to put their hands together for our metiers of the industry.

    Comparing with the old and new Malayalam films we see that it have catapulted from the barely developed technology to the high tech age of digitalised and animated films. Films were till an era just means of entertainment and now look at the importance it have gained in advocating the good as well as educating the society. Films have come as close to life and people in picturisation that it is hardly distinguishable between a character in a film and someone we know.

    Earlier when films were for entertainment exaggeration was a chief element of acting that allowed us easily to differentiate between the fictional world and our real life. The recent eras have seen such close depictions of life and unparalleled talents who does not act out a character but literally live the character onscreen. A very talented approach to entertainment but now it have critically deviated from the point of making an entertainer to the harsh reality of its co-relation to real life. The new generation movies with its updated techniques have become too real to be differentiated as fiction and hence too influential as to provoke and directly spur the viewer into the depth of every emotion.

    Old films enabled us to view the faults of the society and people in a detached angle that we never fail to notice what is meant to be noticed. But now the viewer identifies too closely with the characters and the story that they hardly get a chance to analyse the defects in the society. Plainly, the old cinema were the typical visual representation of a satire or a comedy of the drama genre that meant to point at the faults and foibles of the society in order to make them aware of how one ought to be and ought not to be by exaggerating the characteristic features that needed to be corrected. The plots and spectacles were simple enough for us to notice what should be notices which is the exact opposite of the complex and detailed spectacle the new era films have on screen to offer. We are too busied with what not to be noticed to concentrate on what should be noticed.

    On my opinion the new film era even though much realistic and focuses deeply on a message to be delivered have forgotten to draw out the ideal hero or heroine we have to be molded into and replaced the idealistic with a wayward arrogant protagonist who even though being a person of no traces of goodness hail out to be a hero which is a very negative influence to the society. Reminds me of Macbeth who apart from being the protagonist was a villain in disguise.

    I gladly encourage any further discussion on the topic and request the members of SPK to forward in more points on the topic . Whatever has been stated above are solely my interpretations where I find many faults with both the new and old sections of Malayalam films and kindly excuse my points if I have offended your views.
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    I like old films than new films. Old films have good stories and they are good entertainer. If we looking for 2010, 2011 and first half of 2012, most of the films are flop. After than malayalam films are regain high. today's most of the films are good(Theevram, Run Baby Run, Ayalum njanum thammil, Ustad Hotel and Thattathin marayattu ).

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    Yes gayathri,
    We can analyze the film field in the current condition we get one major information is that the up's and down's being a part of film field. The old aged movies are providing good stories, situations and some emotional factors to make a viewer in one world to another world with love, affection and much more .In olden days there is no much technology to make editing, dubbing and other technical arts are done by the help of the hard work of each and every one in the film industry. In olden days there is no much transporting facility to transport the equipment's like large cameras, cranes, trolley etc. The olden day's artists are hard work for making their character good, in that time there is no camera tricks or animations like today.
    Now a day film field is changed a lot, now the technology plays an important role to make the film box-office hit. Now a day the most of the films are success by the help of technology, and we peoples also want this type of technical films most youthful film is used the current technologies to make the film super. The new era films will not have good and deep stories as like the old age is a fact that most of our people aiming money and they throw the good story's and scripts to the waste basket, they people aiming money only .it is necessary to change this type of attitude and make good films .it is because the films are the good media to interact with people by giving good lessons.

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    I have more to say if it is concerning the filming techniques because in the olden days the cameras were not colour sensitive and the artists had to put on heavy layers of make up to clearly draw out each facial features and to point out emotions just like in the traditional dance forms. They had to overdo every expression so as the camera can capture it with clarity. But concerning the current technology the camera can easily do the trick of creating the effect and impact of an emotion can be easily conveyed with the help of the background and the dominance of a colour. An actor or actress can easily be beautified by adjusting the lenses and the emotions can be focused closely with the camera lenses. The lenses can detail on a facial feature by altering its position thus creating an entirely different proportion of the actor. It can either distort or beautify the actor according to the emotion of the scene which was obviously impossible concerning the early eras of filming. Considering these facts we can be so sure of the complexity and strain in filming in the olden days and how simple and easy it have become now.

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    I personally do not like watching black and white movies, just because we are used to the colorful scenes. I know there are many like me but most people say that these old films are the best and they all had a good moral in it and was very related to the lifestyle then. I listen to old movie songs, those are really nice and meaningful. We had great lyricists those days.

    I am a person who prefer middle age movies. I still have many of the middle age movies in my collection. Those had good stories and I do not get bored even after watching them for years. Those movies had good songs with great lyrics too.

    I hardly like any of the new generation movies. Most of them are love based movies and the usage of slang language is also too much. We can't watch these movies together with our family members. Also I think the story and the songs are not that great. Lyrics suck and cannot be remembered as well.

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