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    Assaults against women increasing in the state.

    I have posted a forum message on the same issue earlier but the recent incidents that caught my attention forces me to discuss the issue again. In the earlier post mentions were made of crimes against women and was based on the police records that concerned violence against women that were increasing in the state rapidly.

    Domestic violence and eve teasing were major concerns of our state that went against the liberty and protection of women. Recent cases of train harassment and killings shook the very soul of Kerala when even today the culprits dwell in five star luxury in jails.

    India now faces the violence against women in such increased numbers that it literally shocks us to our very cells. The assaults by the GANGS have now increased in high numbers that when probed into the issue the sole reason is just lust or mania towards women.

    Bringing to your notice the incident which was powerfully oppressed go like this:-

    A group of men including young boys of 16 was formed in a village (which I cannot name in public for the concern of safety ) who would gather together to gamble and drink at night used to break into houses in the nearby colony and destroy the women regardless of age each month. The issue came to notice and few of them were arrested when they sexually abused and destroyed the chastity of a girl on the eve of her wedding and now she has been admitted in the hospital being in s state of comma.The police couldn't do much in the case as the gangsters were rebellious and threatened to do the same to the family members of the police too.

    The Black Man who have been rampant in the Pathanamthitta, Kollam and Aleppy is yet another shocking story. The Bengali men who come to Kerala for labour camp in the outskirts of villages. As the night dawns they run about houses ringing the calling bells and leave the taps opened with water running out. If for the ill luck of women it happens to a woman who opens the door or come out to close the tap the men pounce on her tearing away the woman's clothing and scarring all over with shard blades and if they get more time they sexually abuse the women.
    Cases are increasing day by day about the attack of the Black mans who have already abused girls who stepped out of their houses after twilight.

    The case of the house wife who have been attacked by the black man was the first among the few that caught the attention of the public. She lives with her two children and father-in-law as her husband works abroad. One evening at about 7 the bell rang and when she opened the door the black man tore open her dress and wounded her with a blade right on her chest and cut the veins on her hand after which she has been hospitalized and this happened just a month ago.

    A pregnant girl have been attacked by the same person where he almost bit off her chest. People even though camped outside houses to catch the man failed to capture him as the man had springs attached to his legs which enabled him high speed to escape.

    Cases of girls being attacked on their terraces and bed rooms have spread up alarms all over the region and since even the police fails to catch him because of his speed sends up peril in every hearts.

    I know this form post will not be enough to spur people to be on trail of these Bengali men but at least I can acknowledge people who visit the post. Members of Spiderkerala please spread this caution of alarm to your family members and your acquaintances that women be careful especially while stepping out at night and please take care of the women in your family.

    Do tell them not to step out alone and please be careful if any of this kind of Bengali worker camps are nearby. The Black man is not just one man but many in disguise. Take this message as a warning as this is one of the major issue we face here in Kerala: The abuse of women.
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    Hi friend,
    It is true that you mentioned about the violence against women were increasing in the state rapidly. In our country there was lot of act to protect the Indian women from the evils,but our society is treat them with a different mind. Though on one hand, the society talks about the respects women but on the other hand the society also abuse women in the form of several evils. It wants necessary change in the behavior of our society.I think not only have the women assaulted in our land but also the innocent child and the elder peoples are also assaulted. For the safety of our people we must vigilant in all time at all places.And it was a good message to the people any way thank you for provide such a wonderful thread..

    sirash khan

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    All that I know is that the laws are being ousted and people are going crazy over themselves and have no idea what kind of sins they commit each day. This I am not sure is of what cause but I am sure what it causes is not good for anyone save none. The whole world is going crazy and there is almost nothing we can do than to raise our voices privately. In public we have no choice but to shut up and turn ourselves away from whatever we see or hear. Backbones have become a rarity that not a single soul show the courage to turn against them. If ever one takes up the courage to fight against these evils we find that they mysteriously end up dead and one more case to be registered to be thrown into oblivion. How inhumane the society is becoming is limpid in our actions but the cure is not yet to be found. For, if there was a cure for sins the world would have been heaven.

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    its a fact ,but those peoples can coduct immoral activities under the influence of drugs .25% of evils happen against women in rural areas , mainly the groups are aiming the individuals .The only remedy for against such type of evils is that government will give more security to peoples in the rural areas.
    and as a remedy the government will allot a team against this assistants.

    sirash khan

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    Hi friends,
    Blackman is not a real person. It is a concept to distract peoples for robery. I am from Kollam. Also, near Nilamel. Blackman is captured from our native village by villagers. Villagers hand over police. After that, police said that he is not Blackman. I am also saw him. He is not a Malayali.
    I am also sharing another incident. Two Bangali persons are captured by villagers due to spread AIDS through safety pin. After capturing, they said that around 150 AIDS persons are doing the same job in kerala. This news is heared from my friend. So, in my openion do not interact with anonymous persons for safety. Most of the thief are aiming womens only houses for their safety.


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    Hi friend ,
    The blackman is not real but,it is Bengali persons conduct immoral activities under the influence of drugs. They peoples are not real Robers but they people attack the women's at twilight. They are drug addicts.But some other peoples are appear in city ,they are purely Robers they people conduct robbery in the name of black man.Those people the will not attack people but the people have a fear to defeat them.

    sirash khan

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    Very true Gayathri, assaults against women are on the increase. Neither our government nor the youngsters in the society take any action against this cruel practice by some men. Recently my friend told me that while she was on her way back to home from work, one Bengali guy started following her. He was walking beside her that there was not even a minute distance between them. He asked her "Kaise ho madam?"(How are you madam?)She just stared at him and walked ahead. He said something again, she told him that she will call the police. It was a main road and there were many men standing on the footpath, but still that idiot had the courage to follow her until her house. She was a bit scared and did not call anyone for help. She stood there waiting him to overtake her. He walked in front of her but in between he was looking back to make sure she was there. When she took a turn, he cam back and followed her again, soon she saw her uncle, the guy ran away. How fearless he is, he was singing a song and was just following her. That time there was no one at her home, if he had followed her and reached her home, then I can't even imagine what would have happen.

    Seriously it is high time that the people take initiative to fight against these people.

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    Seriously aren't there girls in Bengal that they come here far to the South to trouble us. Or is it that we are better than them. Anyways these North Indian men have been getting far too indecent to girls and law is just silent or unable to catch them red handed. They have such skills and what a waste of the skills by using it for torturing people.Doctors say they are just mentally unstable, a bit too eccentric to be handled by themselves and some kind of maniacs. Whatever they be let them even be mentals they are a great threat to the people around and something serious have to be done for the sake of the safety of women. I know there is much more than the surface level crimes and criminals but atleast there should be some law or some enforcement that ensure our safety.

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    Now the issue has reached a national problem. The Delhi incident of gang rape problem has been taken up the young all over the nation and protests in several modes are raised. Delhi is in effect in a stand still position. All roads and streets are filled with agitators.
    Government will have to come forward taking stern actions to curb this social evil of attacking women.

    Gold Member, SPK

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