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    Review of '101 WEDDING'

    It was totally huge mistake of without knowing about the film of Kunjako Boban and Biju menon , only because of success of ' Ordinary'. This made me to attract to this film called '101 wedding'. Kunjako Boban and Biju menon with Jayasourya in a shafi film expectations are high but the film totally disappointed me, there is no coordination in script, story has no control the film irritates the viewer in each minutes especially after interval.
    The only when the director satisfies the viewers will be childhood scenes of Krishnan Kutty ( Kunjako Boban) and Antappan ( Bijumenon) after that in effect always the hero fell in the character of cheat or almost negative impact.

    Director failed to give necessary scope/ role to characters. Characters are coming with out any substance roles of Jayasourya's jyothi krishan's sentimental dialogues all are made film more tragic one. Samvritha's social worker character become worth less when ready to marry the hero at the end totally there is no value in the script would be better to say. No character succeed to establish in story. Film not at all provide any comedy at all. Comedy scenes more become missed its targets and some time become tragedy.
    The director tried to make the songs colorful but this color not in script and there is song about friendship but film not able to establish friendship between chakochan and Biju menon combination scenes are not succeed.

    In fact the film will be worse than ' Lolipop' in that film some element of comedy and story there, but in new film shafi totally IGNORED the scripts and only depend on the current value that have the Chakochan and Biju Menon from the film ordinary, the combination not work at all in this film. Even if film named '101 wedding' it does not include happiness and fun of a single marriage. The theme is just for name even a single actor work out in this film. This film is not watchable at all more irritating one.
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    hi friend ,
    I think this movie gives a good impact in the Malayalam film industry .But from your word I get an overview of the movie .Some movie like this give a negative impact from the viewers and it will deflect in Malayalam film industry . After a good combination in the film ordinary Chakochan and Biju Menon is cast for this movie to make another hit ,but the director fails to make another hit.some other new released movies showing good response from the Malayalam film viewers ,but this type of movies will deflect a downward graph for the viewers.

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    Yes Gokul K.R. you are right. It is not good for entertaining. Direction is not good as we expected. I like one song from this movie. It is only one positive thing from this movie. These types of movies makes the attraction to other language movies. But todays most of the malayalam movies are good. Any way, bad scripting and directions makes negetive imapacts in malayalam movies.

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