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    Solar power facility at the Cochin International Airport

    Solar module maker "vikram Solar" announced that a 100 Kwp solar power facility would be installing at the Cochin International Airport at Nedumbassery in Kerala. The 100 Kwp capacities Solar PV Power System will be design, install and commission by Vikram Solar.

    Solar power facility which consists of mounted solar panels will generate DC electric power. The generated electric power from the solar panel will not be fed directly into the utility grid. Inverters will cover the direct current output from the solar array and the direct current output from the solar array into a grid compliant AC voltage which will feed it into the utility grid system. Energy production will be at an estimated 148 MWh per year with a capacity of 100 kWp.
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    Dear Sirash,
    It is a great news. Electicity is the important thing in our daily life. Due to lack of electricity, 1 hour power cut is in every day. So, solar is the best way and unlimited resesource to generate electricity. So, Cochin International Airport's new think will reduce a little bit consumption of electricity. So, it is a side relief of kerala electricity Authority. If we choose solar energy panel in our houses, current charge and electricity consumptions are reduced. Any way it is a great mile stone in Kochi International Airport at Nedumbassery in Kerala.


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    Hi friend ,
    it is very glad to being here for respond this post.The solar power could be helpful to reduce the consumption of electricity produce from the water.The fixing up of solar energy panel panel in homes was a good idea but the initial implementation cost of the solar panel is very large.I think the solar energy panels are fixed up in the areas like hospitals,bus stations,railway stations,hotels and colleges etc.and thereby we can reduce the conception of electricity.

    sirash khan

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