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    Sabarimala clean-up, collect 35,000 big bags of garbage

    The famous Hindu temple at Sabarimala increases the popularity with each year the authorities are faced with a huge garbage problem during the pilgrimage season. In this year, 35,000 big bags of garbage were taken out from the shrine complex and the foothills. This year more than 5,000 volunteers are arrived for the first round of clean-up, volunteers are arrived on Sabarimala by the call of Amritanandamayi (Amma). Volunteers included ashram residents, students from various campuses of Amritapuri, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Kochi and Mysore. The clean-up operation was held on Nov 3-4 and shrine authorities are now ready to receive the new batch of pilgrims.

    Volunteers will sort out the items that could be burned. The garbage's that could not be burned will be given to the district authorities. Volunteers will collect more than 35,000 bags of garbage, including clothes and plastic from the foothills of the temple, from the shrine and river banks. About 15 million pilgrims visited the hill shrine in the last pilgrimage season.

    The temple is situated in Pathanamthitta district on the Western Ghats and 914 meters above sea level. The temple is on four km uphill from the Pamba and the temple is surrounded by dense forests. The temple is open on the first few days of every month of the Malayalam calendar. The third week of November pilgrimage season begins. Making the Sabarimala hill shrine garbage-free the state police taken an operation "Punyam Poonkavanam" .The forest department, with help from volunteers of the "Akhila Bharatha Ayyapa Seva Sanghom" cleaned the temple town and the approach road. In every alternate day the cleaning process will performed.
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    Hi sirash,
    You are right. Popularity of Sabarimala in every year is increasing rapidly. Due to huge popularity, it is difficult to clean the places. Also I heared another news about fungas in foods. It is disappointing thing from great temple Sabarimala. If this incident is not found it will affect lot of peoples health. Another incident about sabarimala is domain name. Sabarimala is looking for a new website for their temple. is already registed by foreign malayali before few years. A foreign person registed before few days.


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    Hi friend ,
    For avoiding the incidents like fungus in foods,and giving more protection to the Pilgrims there are more than 5,000 volunteers are arrived, volunteers are arrived on Sabarimala by the call of Amritanandamayi.And the volunteers will helps the pilgrims.For the safety of the pilgrims the state police taken more officers there.

    The new think is that the Southern Railway announces special trains for Sabarimala.During December 2012 and January 2013 to clear the extra rush of passengers and pilgrims visiting the Hill Shrine in that time Southern Railway will run additional Special trains in sabarimala.

    sirash khan

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    Oh My God! 35000 is not a small number. It will amount to tones of waste accumulated there over years. If there was a mechanism to clean up the place on a daily basis, this would not have been happened. Government needs the money from Sabariamla, but they are very lazy when it comes to providing proper facilities to the devotees. Shame on our people.

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