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    Tourism campaign to focus on Ayurveda

    The Kerala Tourism campaign will focus on ayurveda to promote medical tourism. The Tourism Minister A.P. Anil Kumar said the maximum advantage from mega biodiversity region of Western Ghats. In the Campaign the mister says that we would focus on ayurveda to the rich medicinal plants' reserve in the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats is the hottest biodiversity hotspots in the world. Kerala is naturally blessed with ayurveda resources because of the state has rich ecosystem in the Western Ghats. Number of foreign and domestic tourists comes to Kerala for ayurvedic treatments. About 900 species of medicinal herbs are found in Kerala.

    Agasthyakoodam peak in the Western Ghats there have some of the rarest medicinal plants. According to Kerala tourism department estimations about 94 lakh domestic visitors last year while about eight lakh foreign tourists visited the state. The majority of foreign tourists from Germany, the Middle East and Australia joined the state's ayurveda wellness programs. The ayurveda focused tourism campaign lengthening the average stay of foreign tourists and the tourism department will also add new tourism destinations.
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    Dear friend,
    Ayurveda is the first medicinal field for diseases. It has no side effects. But main disadvantage is that needed more time to relief than other medicines. So peoples are going to other medicinal fields like homoeopathy etc. But othes have side effects. Ayurvda is the natural way to control diseases. But it is costly due to lack of natural plants etc. It is a good support from government to support ayurveda. This will increase the production of natural and medicinal plants and it is a ecofriendly method. Ayurveda is a tourist opertunity for keralites. Because lot of medicinal plants only available in India compared to other countries. Due to high cost, it do not attract more peoples also it required more time to relief.


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    Hi friend,
    Around 7 km of Agasthyakoodam peak in the Western Ghats there is lot of collection of some of the rarest medicinal plants. Ayurveda medicinal plants are not much costly, but the ayurvedic treatment is costly as compared to the homeopathic. Ayurvedic treatment is costly because of the lack of people who doing this as a profession, AS we considered the Kerala here we have abundant of Ayurveda plants, but the young generation doesn't have a knowledge to use these resource .Now a day most of people depend only the homeopathic, they have their own reasons that they get sudden relief from diseases, but the ayurvedic treatments are good for health it has no side effects. Number of foreign and domestic tourists comes to Kerala for ayurvedic treatments, Tourism department only focuses the foreigners for earn money the foreigners are willing to pay more for ayurvedic treatment because they knows the quality of the ayurvedic treatment.

    sirash khan

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    That is a good idea and Ayurveda is Kerala's ancestral wealth and this way the state can earn some amount of revenue and can attract tourists. Ayurveda is a medical field which has very less side effects. Hence now in this educated world, more people prefer Ayurveda. I personally think this project will flourish and can achieve great revenue.

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    Ayurveda is oldest system of medicines mainly developed in India. Kerala also could contribute to its development. It is because of the number of species of medicinal plants and spices present in this part of the country. 'Hortus Malabaricus' (garden of Malabar) is actually a encyclopaedia of medicinal plants of Kerala. An old Ayurveda practitioner, Itty Achuthan Vaidyan was the man behind collecting all necessary details about these plants. Though the book was originally written in Latin by Hendrik van Rheede. Now translations are available in English as well as in Malayalam. A small resource article on Ayurveda had been posted by me earlier in this site itself

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