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    Atlast they could caught the tiger

    The tiger which caused injuries to many livestock's have been caught finally from kalpetta in wayanad by forest range officers.
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    Hi friend,
    it was a great news .The tiger makes many problems in that area.After all they are in hook.The tiger make disasters in the nearby villages and they made someone injured .This was a great news for people.


    sirash khan

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    But they shouldn't have killed it. They are saying that they just have shot it with a medicine which will make the tiger unconscious, but after getting the first shot, the tiger tried to get up again. Then they shot it again. Arguments are still going on in this matter. The forest department could have helped it to survive.

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    Too much shots on the tiger.Irresponsibility of officers happened there.the video footage showing that officers were cruel to the tiger.

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    True Bipin. Even the officers neglected this case initially, only when the people created a problem and protested, the officers were ready to involve in this matter.

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