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    Number of cancer cases on the increase in Kerala.

    In a report published by the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram it is stated that there is a drastic increase in the number of cancer cases in the past three decades in the State. In this 30 years 2,49,362 new patients came for treatment in the Centre. In 1982 the number of new patients was 3,696, where as in 2011 it became 14,016.
    This increase in number can be attributed, to a certain extent, to better awareness among the people and the availability of improved medical facilities. At the same time the impact of changes in life style and the environment are to be seriously considered as major causes.

    RCC is handling more than one third of cancer cases in the State. Among women breast cancer is most common (28.1%), followed by Thyroid cancer (13.2%), cervical cancer (8.2%) and oral cancer (6.8%).
    In the case of men oral cancer is more frequent (13.9%), followed by lung cancer (13.6%).

    The highest proportional increase of patients has been reported for leukemia followed by cancers of the prostate, rectum and thyroid. Cancer registration is said to be an important component of cancer control programme, which help the assessment and magnitude of the disease in the society.
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    Cancer unlike any other disease is spreading faster and the number of people caught by cancer is increasing day by day. Regional Cancer Center (RCC), Trivandrum is a well known hospital of treating cancer patients but still there are many cases were RCC too become helpless. Early detection of cancer is the only way to help the patient out. The later it gets, the riskier it becomes.

    Recently I was told by my friend that one of my colleague's wife is been caught by this drastic disease. I was really shocked as the said lady is very young and has two small kids. How cruel is it. I really do not know from were this disease originates.

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    From the report of the rcc(regional cancer center) we can see that the drastic increase in the number of cancer patients in our state. Only report 3,696 patients in the year 1982, where as in the year 2011 this will become 14,016. This variation shows that the people in our state will badly affected this disease in the coming years.The cancer will badly affected to our peoples due to their daily habitats is the use of cosmetics and the use of fast food is the major things, this can be controlled by providing natural cosmetics instead of chemical products and providing traditional food stuffs instead of the fast food. Another important problem is the pollution, the air pollution will affected the lungs, this will lead to the lung cancer, the main reason for the air pollution is the smoke from the vehicles ,this can be controlled by providing more ecofriendly vehicles in our state.This is the major time to control this disease by giving awareness program to the common peoples in our state.

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