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    Visvaroopam first release in DTH

    Viswaroopam will not released in Kerala, do you think it is to protect Malayalam industry?? Certainly not it is only because of it is decided to to release in DTH mode also hence the theatres can not make use of the big release through initial crowd pull. Kamal Hasan 's latest flick expected to release in December 25. Luckily Malayalam films escaped from big attack from Tamil big budget film by their 'Sakalakalavallabhan'. We last saw what happened when the film Thuppaki released , all Malayalam films affected badly and failed to receive good theaters.

    Even the strike of theaters were stopped, when thuppaki came.hopefully these tragedy never come this time. DTH release first may badly affect theater success Like wise the decision may be changed but at present the decision of not releasing Viswaroopam were taken by the distributors. DTH release is quite new trend, but because of that film distributors and theaters are not benefited, the success of such release to film is yet to know.

    These new trends are always to be welcomed but sometimes it would lead to affect some peoples badly. Even in Kerala theaters are ready to take cream of kamal hasan film through initial collection, but the decision of crew disappointed the theaters and distributors. Distributors in Kerala decided to not release this film due to they decided to first release through DTH.If viewers can get Film at home they will not come to theaters. they will prefer to watch at home.
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    hi friend
    The other language films will badly affected the Malayalam film industry. During the realising time of the other language films the theater owners only get a small amount of profit in the realising week and this will lead to make some dispute in the film industry.The Malayalam film industry have some problem in the current situations by realising the other language films. This can be solved by banding the other language films in the kerala or by solve this problem by giving more percentage of the profit to the theater owners.


    sirash khan

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