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    What makes Kerala so special?

    If we compare Kerala state with the other states of India we can see that this state is in a highest position with respect to the other states. The economic, social, cultural standards of Keralites are in a good position when compared to the other states and it is possible to compare Kerala with developed countries. We all know that like every other states Kerala also have corrupted officers, politicians, and goverment workers. Then what makes Kerala so special? Is that depend on the culture or literacy rate of the state. Feel free to share your opinion.
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    Kerala has the highest quality of life compared to all other States in India.There are several reasons for this. Education is one of the major reasons. In Kerala education got spread because of the social uprising. Maximum number of reading rooms were started working in this small State from very early days.Sree Narayana movement and the left movements got spread and that helped remove the social un- touchability. Every community got the chance to study because of this. Social reforms also came into being.
    Education took people outside and created in them a feeling of cleanliness. Compared to other States maximum number of Kerala people are working outside and earning. Progressive thinking and knowledge about hygiene developed a sense of healthy surroundings.
    All this with people earning more Kerala started showing improvement in all spheres.

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    The literacy level, standard of living of people and so on are the best in Kerala. The only thing is we Keralities are not ready to work. All of us needs white collar jobs.

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    Keralites are ready to work and come out with good results. Only thing is that they will do so only if they work outside Kerala. One thing which we can see is that the production front of this small State is becoming very gloomy. Nobody is interested in taking up such activities in general, particularly agriculture related works.Actually Kerala is developing (?) or living with money coming from outside the State. Most of the families have at least one member working outside the State or outside the country.
    Education is almost complete here in the sense that no boy or girl is there who do not go to a school after the age five. And up to tenth standard they continue in school. Thus hundred percent education has become a reality here, perhaps here alone.
    Neatness is also important for Kerala people. At least one bath a day is routine thing for them.

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    I think the cultural standard and standard of living of people in kerala is the most important thing that makes kerala so special than other states

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