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    Theevram movie review

    Theevram is a malayalam movie starred by the son of the Legend actor Mammooty, Dulquer Salman. It was his third movie. After doing the films Second Show and Usthad hotel, he has done a different role. The film is directed by a new comer whose name Roopesh Peethambaran. He was the one who played the childhood role of the character Aadu thoma in the film "Sphadikam". After that Roopesh is now once again in the malayalam film industry as director. The film was not a big hit. But it can be considered in the category of new generation films. Dulquer is playing a role who is taking revenge against an incident in his life. The story tells about the revenge taken by a man. But Roopesh has shown his talent in his direction, actually there is no defect in his direction. His has fulfilled it with new and different style. There is no boring scenes through out the film. In my opinion the fault may be due to the story. I'm not telling that the story is a worst one rather than i'm trying to say the defect in the story. The story content is a short one and this short story is extended through out the film. But overall the film is good and the way the story goes was also good. Im rating this movie as 6/10.
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    hi fayaz,

    The Roopesh Peethambarans film theevram is a good suspense thriller. In this film the
    actor dulkar salman doing a leading role. The first half of the film says a strange story and the second half the story was unfold and the theme reflects the aptitude of our current society. The film says current issue that may done in our society, most of the shots specifies the miserable life of the people in this busiest life. The new director Roopesh Peethambaran is not fail in direction and he is a born talented ,he first steps in Malayalam film industry as doing a childhood role of the character Aadu thoma in the film "Sphadikam". Really the film theevram is a suspense thriller and a good family entertainer.

    sirash khan

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    Dulquer Salman is growing in fact. He has got the golden chance to act in some of the good movies like Ustad Hotel, Theeram and so on. Theeram is a good movie with lot of suspense in it. It is worth watching.

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