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    What are the purpose of Cinemas?

    Cinemas are common in our society and every week new releases are coming. Most of us are spending our valuable time to watch movies. Every one has their own needs for watching cinemas. Some are watching movies for time pass, some doing this for entertainment, some others are watching movies for relaxation. For what purpose you are watching cinemas? You can write your experience here which leeds to spend your valuable time for watching cinemas.
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    hi friend,
    Cinema is a good media to share the current status of our society, they helps to change some people for some time. According to my experience the cinema is a good media to give complete entertainment. Some of the films will select the current social issue as theme, some of are historic films .
    Now a day the cinema is a crazy factor to young generation. The young generation spend more time and more money to see films. Some people select this media for timepass . Cinema is actually a good relief from the todays busy life and it is an entertainer too. Most of the films are reflects the aptitude of our society. Now a day the Malayalam film have lot of changes. This changes will be reflects in our society ,most of our youngsters are follow the new trends,they people try to imitate the western life.

    sirash khan

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    Cinemas are for entertainment in general, though it can teach one or two lessons as messages. But people are generally interested in the entertainment part alone. It is most enjoyed by the working people because relatively it is the entertainment which they can afford. Rich has several other forms of entertainments like different games at clubs, social get together, tours, etc.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    I watch cinemas as an entertainment and for time pass. But I like those cinemas which shows out tradition which is disappearing these days and the ones which has a good moral in it. Actually cinema is a medium which can influence the public. To a certain extent it can prevent at least one or two people in understanding their mistakes or to prevent them from doing crimes. I believe that should be the aim of every cinema.

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