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    Only a few Mango trees are flowering this year.

    Kerala used to get local varieties of mangoes in plenty generally,but this year only very few trees are seen flowering. May be because of changes in weather. Less rain and the December chill is almost not there. Pickles are generally prepared from the local varieties of mangoes. It is also delicious to eat as raw fruit.
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    Very true. Last year and all we had enough and more mangoes in our locality. But this year, hardly any Mango trees have flowers. The changing weather is responsible for all these. If this situation pertains, we soon will have to see Mango tress with no flowers in the coming years.

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    hi ,
    it is really happened because of the change in the whether. Most of the mango used will not flowering in the last year only few are flowed. The main reason for this is the whether change in kerala. The wide variety of mangos will provide by the other state, kerala depending on other states for the frustrate vegetables. The lack of mangos in kerala can maintain by the help of other states. But the mangos from the other states cannot be choose for making pickles, the local variety of mangos will be choose for making pickles. The the fruit market the mangos fruit was demand in the out of reason, this can be overcome by import the wide variety of mangos from other states.

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