Kochi backwaters have new guests

Kochi backwaters are famous for fishing, the Chinese dip nets are very often shown as a symbol of Kochi, indicating the fish rich lake in and around Kochi. Now a recent report shows that this lake is getting new guests from other parts, specifically from open sea. It is nothing but Octopuses, which generally are seen in open seas, since they are marine species.

According to scientists the presence of octopus is an indication of increased salinity of the water body. It would have become almost equal to that in the sea, 35 parts per thousand, they say. A netted specimen was identified as Amphioctopus. Strong tidal action, shortage of rain and consequent reduction of mixing with fresh water make the salinity level increasing.

However, octopus' presence in Kochi backwaters has not reported in recent past, may be this first time. If the salinity condition continues like this other marine organisms also me start appearing here.