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    Water is going to be a real problem soon

    Kerala, though supposed to be land of water, is going to have a very tough situation as far as drinking water is concerned. The reports coming from the Ground Water Department are showing red signals. The department based on a study in the Ernakulam district says that acute scarcity of fresh water is not far of in the district. The immediate cause of this situation is the failure of monsoon. Naturally this scarcity can be expected throughout the State, since monsoon was playing hide and seek throughout.

    The ground water level has dropped by 1.81 meters in February itself in certain places in the district. The water level was measured from bore wells not shallow wells. This much of dropping was unusual according to the Department. The sample inspection made at different parts of the district gave similar results, though with variations. If this dry spell is going to continue it will definitely affect the irrigation and the availability of drinking water.

    Experts are of the opinion that in addition to failure of monsoon, sand mining from rivers is also a major reason for this situation. Disappearing wetlands, which have very high water retention capacity, is also said to be another reason for this dropping of water level.

    This report points to the need for awareness campaigns among people on the careful use of water in every field.
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    Kerala is rich in water resources both surface and ground water. The state is receiving an annual rainfall of 3000mm per year. In spite of having a copious rainfall, its distribution over the area varies.

    The state is enriched with 44 rivers. but the fresh water availability is in deficit. Nearly 40% of the available water is lost through runoff.

    Factors like overexploitation of ground water, urbanisation, deep infiltration of surface water from irrigated fields using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, infiltration of saline soils and effluents from industries affect the quality of Ground water.

    Degradation of wetlands, siltation of canals and traditional water harvesting structures, lime shell mining, sand mining, clay mining, land diversion from food crop to non food crop and/or other use are some of the environmental problems encountered in Kerala,which resulted in the overall water resources destruction in the state.

    Yet another problem is salt water intrusion which also affect the coastal ecosystem. Another one is coastal erosion which in turn affects the water quality. Booming of the land mafias which resulted in the large scale conversion of paddy fields and wetland also caused to the depletion of water resources.

    Even though we receive such a huge amount of water (more than national average)we are having an acute shortage of water year after year. if this situation persists we are going to face a big problem. so we should take care of this situations and take adequate measures and give awareness to the general public about the situations.

    So be careful and should ensure active measures otherwise it is going to be a disaster. if we are not concerned about this definitely, the next war is for water.

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    Water is life and very vital to man survival on the earth. So the government is required to help provide the good things of life that will make life easy for her citizens especially water. Whatever may be the problem with water should be resolved by the government through World Health Organization (WHO)
    Adesola Adeyeye

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