“A promise is a promise ....”

"A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women", is the theme of the International Women's Day of 2013. Today, the 8th of March is celebrated all over the world as Women's day following a decision of United Nations. The day, started to be celebrated from 1911, following a decision taken at the second International Socialist Women's Conference held at Copenhagen on 27th August 1910. The day was chosen as a commemoration of the historical march in which thousands of women participated seeking the right to vote and asking to stipulate working hours to 8 hours.

It is clear that the theme chosen for the year has much relevance in today's socio – political situation of our country. The idea behind choosing a day for women was, it was time to assert women's rights, political and social rights, also for reviewing the progress made by women. Of course, women could use the day to celebrate and make awareness among them about the rights. This is still important even now since sexual differences are there in opportunities to work as well as in the pay structure.

Kerala has shown example in many fields to other States. In the case of equality in work fields much progress could be made. But still there are areas where corrections are to be made. Labourers from both the sexes are not yet treated as equal and the payment still are not the same.