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    The Italian Mariners return and setting up of Special court

    The 2 Marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone are accused of shooting the fishermen off the Kerala coast in February 2012. According to them they had been guarding an Italian oil tanker and said they mistook the fishermen for pirates. They wanted to g to their country to celebrate Christmas last year and returned. Later in Jan this year they wanted to cast their votes in Italy. They went there on the assurance that they will be brought back to India to complete their trial for the shooting incident which killed 2 fishermen of Kerala.
    After reaching Italy, the Government there changed their tack and declared that the Marines will not be brought to India as promised. The Government of India took stern steps with the active help of Supreme Court of India which forced the Italian Government to bring the marines back t India to face trials. The Government is setting up a special court to speed try the marines so that the cases again st them are decided at a fast phase. It is a very positive step to be appreciated.
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    They were testing, perhaps, India Govt. would concede to their demands and would not take up seriously the issue !
    But How the Government could say that no death penalty will be given to them, when it is the court to take a decision in the case as well as in the type punishment ?

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    We should not give too much importance to media reports. They are interested in sensational reporting to increase circulation/viewership and the consequent ad revenue. The Government and the SC in co-ordination with each other are setting up special court to try the case.

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