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    TV shows -Is It a Curse or a Blessing?

    TV Shows are a mixed blessing. It provides both good and bad influence on people.It is the responsibility of the people to decide on which all programs they need to see.They must realize that their duties and responsibilities are not replaced by the TV shows.

    TV shows plays an inevitable role in our day to day life.It provides instruction as well as entertainment. News ,songs, ,reality shows,films,comedy shows,serials,live cricket & football matches and various other programmes are telecast. Irrespective of age people are enjoying the variety of programmes from various channels.So now a days a tight competition between channels occurs.This results in the adverse effects especially on the news channels.

    Recently,reality shows became a boom in the television media. Even though it is a great platform for young talents,mostly winners are selected through the SMS sent by the viewers ,So there comes a matter of luck.Even the winners could not see anymore with their performances.As participants little children are unable to manage mental stress in the elimination rounds.

    Television is not an unmixed blessing.It makes people lazy especially homemakers and students,they sit for hours and simply wasting their time by watching serials.Serials are lagging their stories even up to 5 years.Hence most of the houses lost interaction between their family members.The stories doesn't give any moral values to the society.

    Live cricket and football telecast is a threat to the students.They sit for the whole day watching the game and neglect their studies.Also, it is not good for our health. Students should see only those programs that have educative value.

    Apart from the above demerits, there are programs that are very instructive and of great value.It can be used for social reforms and national integration.Above all, watching comedy shows relieves our tension for a great extend.
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    yes, TV shows tends to be a curse in some case or another.Addiction to these shows make people lazier and dull.Its also found out that regular watching of TV causes degradation of memory and brain.But looking at its positive with the advent of TV, man became more informative and smarter.

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