'Kalimannu' Completed Shooting – Controversy for Swetha Menon

Kalimammu directed by Blessy and staring Sweth Menon and Biju Menon. The was temporarily banned for capturing the live video of Swetha's birth for the film. The film has now completed its shooting. Suniel Shetty to do a cameo. Blessy and his crew looking forward for it. Detailed in the article below.

Kalimannu is an upcoming movie which is both written & directed by Blessy and 'Swetha Menon and Biju Menon' are doing the leading roles in it. Thomas Thiruvalla is the producer and Blessy himself is the scriptwriter. The songs were written by O.N.V. Kurup and were composed by M. Jayachandran. The story reveals about the hidden emotional attachment that a mother and her child have after its birth. The entire shooting was taken in Mumbai. This is a film Blessy brought a lot of famous faces to add some spice. The movie has now completely finished and its post production works are going on but it is not able to be released due to the controversy Swetha Menon allowed to shoot her live delivery for the film. The controversy is that, Blessy and Swetha Menon had exploited motherhood for Malayalam cinema.

Blessy said that it was only to bring some originality in the film and did not mean to interfere in the private affair of a woman. Swetha's husband and the director along with two camera men were in the hospital in Mumbai when she was taken into the labour room on Tuesday at 4:45pm. A total of three cameras were placed inside the labour room rolling for almost 45 minutes and the scene was to kiss the new born baby gently on her forehead it was for the first time in the history of Malayalam film industry to capture a natural birth. But the film tends to be banned temporarily by 'The Kerala Film Exhibitors Federation' as it would bring a negative impact on the people.

The film authorities tried to escape from this controversy by introducing a film which was released few years back named 'The Birth' in which a delivery was shot live but had no problems as it was considered as a medical movie. But the 'Film Employee's Federation of Kerala' tries their best to release this temporary ban upon the movie. The General Secretary of FEFKA, Mr. B. Unnikrishnan says that this is not the first film to take a live delivery and it is baseless to have such a controversy and should leave it for to the censor board. Some leaders like Shobha Surendran and Mahila Morcha were also against this live shot.

But when the controversy was cooling down, Blessy did not waste any chance to get back the films impression. He decided to bring the bollywood star Suniel Shetty to do a cameo in his film. Suniel is only for a guest appearance in the film so as to increase the demand of the film before release. Suniel Shetty did his debut in Priyadarshan's 'Kakkakuyil'. Many other famous stars like Suhasini, Anupam Kher, and also our directors Priyadarshan and B. Unnikrishnan did appear in Kalimannu. Blessy and his crew are now sincerely hopping that they could release this movie without anymore controversies and contribute yet another hit in the palms of Malayalam cinema industry for his bravery and unique talent of being a director.