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    Trawling prohibited for the next 48 hours in kerala coast

    Trawling prohibited from today(friday 14/06/2013) night to next 48 hours.Even though trolling prohibited for Kerala fishermen outsiders can still hunt fish.Is this the right thing for our fish wealth by allow others to catch fish from our coast of the trolling ban.?
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    Day by day our demands and needs are rising. No wonder how the prices of chicken and fish took a rapid hight. Regular prohibition for trolling should be done as there is a chance for making some fish species to the verge of extinction.

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    Trolling is prohibited for the regular fishing boats. But how many boats still do fishing illegally? Boats from other states too encroach and do the same.
    Will prohibition of trolling alone help the fishes survive? I think, no. Because the amount of poisonous and harmful chemicals from factories and other sources are destroying the wealth of sea food. Fishes like sardines are good sources of omega 3. But today if we eat them we get mercury content, and ammonia. So with trolling if we try to increase fish may be to a certain degree will be possible, I suppose.

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    This is a good idea and it will save the species of fishes not be exhausted in the waters. So, to save the fishes is to save the future. The people should make use of what is available to them even vegetables.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    I have one question about trolling.Tommorow morning, in the market we can see fresh sea fishes.How can they got fresh sea fishes?

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    Only trawling, that is fishing using trawl nets in mechanised boats, is banned during these days. Other types of fishing will continue and as a result fish come to the market. Please see my article in this site for details:

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Thank you sir for your valuable answer.Now i cleared my doubt about trolling.Its really lose for the big exporters on these days, but more species of fishes can be saved for the future.Its really good idea from the government.

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    Welcome friend. Please note that the word is 'trawling' and not 'trolling' as used by you.

    When trawl net is used the bottom of the sea is completely swept causing destruction of the ecosystem there. It destroys the eggs and larvae of fishes especially that of prawns. That was one of the major reasons for introducing ban of trawling.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    'trawling' means catch fish with a trawl net and 'trolling' means catch fish by trailing a baited line along behind a boat.

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    Here this usage refers, as I pointed out above only to fishing using trawl nets.
    Meanwhile, just now only I noticed that in the original posting above by Mr. Bipin Varghese, it is mentioned that trawling is prohibited for next 48 'hours'. Did he mean 48 'days'? Actually the prohibition is for 47 days.

    Gold Member, SPK

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