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    Township to be set up in Ikkarappadi

    The township would be named Dr Hussian City at Malappuram Ikkarappadi. This is promoted by an NRI projects Indian from UAE chaired by Dr KP Hussian. The project would be announced in Mapping Malabar Industrial conclave. The new township will have Kozhikode world trade centre to be used for commercial purposes of international standards, convention centre, trade hall, sports stadium, star hotel, mega shopping mall, auditorium, international business school, medical tourism hospital. The township is expected to complete construction by five years.
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    Developments are good to a certain extend. Kerala is such a small state and do we really need so many townships to be brought in each and every district? Malayali is running behind westernisation, forgetting the real tradition. Do we realise the harmful things which we are doing in crazily moving towards comfort and modernisation? Will our future generation have enough food to eat and health to survive, if we go on destroying mother nature?

    Malapuram and Kozikode are so rich with natural beauty and should they be replaced with concrete buildings and environmental polution?

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