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    Harthal's a Boon or a Bane

    I think for most of the students, teachers, employees in shops etc. Harthal's are becoming a boon, because they can stay at home and enjoy some good meal or so. I have seen non veg markets and beverage shops packed the day before Harthal's. But what about the employers and shop keepers, for them it's really a bane I suppose!
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    Although hartals are a huge economical loss to the state and few groups of population like shopkeepers and mainly daily wage workers are at loss, a majority of people see hartals as a festival or a time to celebrate and relax isint that ironical.

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    Frequent Hartals have made it a sort of 'unexpected resting day' for many. In Kerala one can see longer queues in front of Beverage Corporation's outlets on the previous days of Hartals. It implies they are getting ready to celebrate Hartal.
    On the other side the parties calling for a hartal do not gain anything out of this. Because which ever Government is in power, they just neglect it!

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