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    What will be Kerala's future ?

    It is said that Kerala is very slow in developments and people are lacking confidence in their government. Kerala is very behind compared to other states but lot of NRI's are in Kerala. There is no lack of money for people in Kerala. The main thing is that we are not ready to work in our place and for our developments. We rush to other countries as they will get double the money that they could get here. Will our state grow and become like developed states. Or are we trying to keep our traditions and uplift our agricultural sectors.

    What will be Kerala's future?
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    Kerala is developing in a way. People are earning money and spending them.Kerala has got almost everything that a developed country has got. Our people try to lead a life similar to those in advanced countries.(I don't mean all are getting these benefits).
    But the issue regarding development has to be viewed in a different way. We are becoming a set of people who consume rather than produce. Production side is becoming weaker day by day. We look to other States even for vegetables and the most needed rice.We are not making use of our soil for cultivation but for filling our rice fields and water bodies.
    Our people do not work here even though we need people to work in several sectors like agriculture, construction field, etc. Now we are depending on labourers from North Indian States. There are 25 lakh or more such workers here in this State as per a recent estimate. Unless we change our attitude towards the work we will not develop. Also we must be careful about our environment for a sustainable development.

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    The future of kerala is very bright and good. The reason is that one's the site is active and has active members, it will always be alive. The contributions of the few active members on this site will enhanced this site.
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    In my opinion Kerala has to get more developed because we are one step behind comparing other places. There will be thousands of people coming from other states and working in Kerala. We are not willing to do works or new buisiness here because we will not get good profits from that. What ever work will rise will defenately end up with some tragedy. But some people who have extraordinary talent in doing buisiness will survive in Kerala. But if people gets job in foreign countries, they can earn double the profit that they can earn from here. I think the reason why Kerala is not developing is our government. They have to make the best use of the budgets for the betterment of our state. Then naturaly people will start rushing to our place in search of works.

    Kerala also have to improve in agricultural field. Production should be increased and good salaries should be awarded for the workers so as to keep our place green and fresh.

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    Of course, Kerala is developing and its development is even compared with those of the developed ones (Kerala model development) but,it is only concentrated to social development without achieving much in the primary and secondary sectors.
    The fascinating fact is there is a huge drift in the agrarian economy,where the life of the state depends. Even though we boast of having many many things, we are badly depending on other states to fulfill our basic livelihoods. The tradition of agriculture we followed is lost,we are flowing into an urban stream.
    This type of development is not good for the sustenance of our state so we should think of alternatives for uplifting the state through all means..
    Development should happen in each and every sector that too in a sustainable way.This achievement should not be in cost of the environment because this state is one of the most fragile landscapes existing in the world

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