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    How malayalees celebrating Onam

    The Origin of Onam
    Onam or Thiruonam originated as a joyous annual reminiscence of the golden rule of King Mahabali, a mythical king, who ruled Kerala a very long time ago. It recalls the sacrifice of the great king, his true devotion to God, his human pride and his ultimate redemption. Onam welcomes the spirit of a great king, and assures him that his people are happy and wish him well.

    The Legend
    Facts and fables blend as Kerala celebrates this royal return, year after year with the festivities of Onam. Legend has it that the gods plotted against Mahabali to end his reign. For this they sent Lord Vishnu to earth in the form of a dwarf Brahmin. [Read the full story] But before being trampled down to the netherworld, Vishnu granted the king's sole wish: To visit his land and people once every year.

    The Custom
    A flower carpet called 'Pookalam' is laid in front of every house to welcome the advent of the vanquished king, and earthen mounds representing Mahabali and Vishnu are placed in the dung-plastered courtyards. Traditional rituals are performed followed by a lavish feast called 'Sadhya'. Onam also means new clothes for the whole family, sumptuous home-cooked delicacies on plantain leaf and the lingering aroma of the sweet Payasam.

    The Spectacle
    Spectacular parades of caparisoned elephants, fireworks and the famous Kathakali dance are traditionally associated with Onam. It's also the season of many cultural and sport events and carnivals. All this makes Onam-time a perfect period to visit this coastal state, touted as "Gods Own Country". No wonder the Government of Kerala has declared this time every year as Tourism Week.
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    Malayalees celebrate Onam in a grand way. People spend lots of money and make 'Athapookkalam'. Onasadhya is the main attractions for the people in Kerala during this day. It is a full fledged feast along with payasam. There are Onam related games which is also very interesting. Besides it is the festivel of Kerela for which every one is considered as one. It is said that every year Mahabeli Thamburam will visit all his people.

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    Nowadays many clubs ,churches,temples were directly conducting onam celebrations.The main attraction of onam celebrations are onasadhya,pookalam games like vadamvali,kaserakali,uri adi etc. Malayalees were very active to participate in these games. At present Onam means 'loss of money'.All the vegetables and other onam items are very expensive in the market.Common people cannot afford the expensive products. So government of kerala initiated many programmes like onam market run by kudumba sree units for common people.

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    Malayalees celebrate Onam these days just spending money to have a good feast. Also they participate in different small festivities. Flower designing contest is almost a common feature. Purchase of new dresses also has become a must. Outing and visiting interested places are also done. Very often family get together also will be there.
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    Onam the most awaited and sort to festive for malayalees round the globe. It a time when we have a great sense of happiness lurking in our minds. Pookalams, onam fest and every other aspect of onam remains fresh in our minds always. Onam has lot of history attached to it which makes it even more auspicious. Its the harvest festival for us. On this day we Keralites come together a one soul and share the happiness joy and warmth of the festival. There are lots of different games and sports that are played on the occasion like uriyadi, vadamvali, onathallu and many more that keep the spirit high.

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