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    Dispute over female marriage age limit

    The opposition party of kerala stated they are against the lowering of female marriage age limit below 18yrs. The CPM state secretary verbally attacked the Muslim religious outfits and it is not acceptable for a modern society. Presently the age limit of marriage for female is 18yrs and for male is 21yrs.
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    It is unfortunate that such an issue has attracted the attention of the public and the media are giving much importance to it. In an educated society like that in Kerala, where every children, boys or girls, prefer to study up to a certain level, minimum tenth standard and Plus two, meaning that they reach the age eighteen or more, when they leave the school. Even after that they, if possible go for college education (Kerala is providing this facility also). Under such a set up why the question of marriage is to be brought in. No parent who is interested in their child's future will think of a marriage at that age.
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