Love Story malayalam movie: Maqbool Salman in new avatar

Love Story malayalam movie written and directed by Prashanth M. This movie will be produced by Milan Jaleel under the banner Galaxy Films. Devan, Bhagath Manuel, Balachandran Chullikad, and Valsala Menon are also cast in 'Love Story'.The movie revolves around a city to find the love.

<h2>Love Story Malayalam movie</h2>

Prashant M who is the director of the movie not only directly also scripted this upcoming love story. He had faced many difficulties in beginning but now going to present this masterpiece on the big screen soon. As already the name of the movie depicts "Love Story" so it is really an intense romance story that tells about love. This movie is produced by Milan Jaleel under the Galaxy Films Banner. Maqbool Salmaan is casted as the actor in the movie. The story is all about the love around the city. It is one of the coming movies on the screen but it is also one of the hot topics on the internet and in the city.

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The story begins with the Abhijith (Maqbool Salman) who is a film editor at Chennai. He falls in love of a girl. The actress of the movie is Swati who has played the role of Aparna in the movie. She is the one whom Abhijith loves. Ramesh, Abhijit's co-worker also loves with him. Like all the other love stories, their families were against their love marriage. And do not consent to the marriage. Abhijith takes the decision to take the Aparna to Chennai and to settle there. It was the first time for Aparna to visit Chennai. Both have much luggage with them so they decided to take two rickshaws to reach their home.

The twist arrives in the movie when Aparna forgets or misses the way. The whole story of "Love Story" movie moves around the town in searching to each other. Being in small town, they faced many difficulties to reach to each other. It is said that between the movie there are many romantic scenes, actions and thriller which might not seen before. The whole story is based on love story which is presented as a novel.

Balachandran Chullikad, Devan, Bhagath Manuel, and Valsala Menon are also cast in 'Love Story'. So ,this all about the one of the upcoming movie "Love Story".