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    How to use road in careful

    follow traffic rules.
    please use roads carefully.avoid competietions on road.
    Don't try to overtake others.
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    The traffic in Kerala really in a pathetic situation. There are lots of twists and turns compared to gulf countries. This increases the risk and is not safe to drive over 60 kmph. But people in outer contries can drive upto a maximum of 120 kmph. This is because their roads are quite straight. The reason why the roads in Kerala is so much complicated is that at first houses were built more and later started to construct roads. So roads cannot be straight. Also the roads are highly damaged which increase the risk for drivers life. Its is necessary to construct ruberised roads so that it will stay for long time without any damage.

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    If you don't follow traffic rules, go away. Take an illegal 'U turn' or something

    Why do you follow traffic rules while driving? Fear of getting caught? It is the correct thing to do? God is watching? Momma told me to? Anything else?

    I am trying to understand what is it that makes India drivers so notoriously bad. I refuse to believe all of them are morons.

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