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    Scope of I.T as a profession

    In this article, i just want to say that What is I.T ? and the scope of I.T as a profession in our world.It is the use of computers to manage information.There are millions of people provide internet based services as a profession

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    Information Technology{I.T} may be understood as the methods and means of managing information.Why should information be managed ? It should be managed to make us available and accessible at the right time,in the right way for the right use.This is required because all human activities are based on information.Activities will be apt,meaningful and effective only if the information forming their basis is right and is accessed and used effectively.

    For practical purpose,information is taken to mean representational forms of human ideas,real world objects and events.They can be represented using the alphabets of a language written or printed form on a medium like paper.They can also be represented through pictures,drawings,photographs and cartoons.Voice,sound,music,speech etc.also recorded on a suitable medium like cassette tape,disc....All these representation forms of human ideas on different media also constitute information.

    As a profession,the scope of information technology is believed to be prospective.It stems from the importance of information in human activities.Whatever area of human activity is considered,it is based on information about all its aspects.The challenges are to collect,organize, use and disseminate the information.In disseminating information,its form of presentation is very vital.The extent of the use of information will depend upon the skill of the I.T professionals providing it.

    The internet,the global network of computers is the current flat-form for world wide information storage,access and use.I.T as a profession demand the ability to manage information,in all aspects on the internet.Information is always on demand.It has a price,small or big.Our day to day life demands more and more services,all information based.

    There are millions of people providing internet based services as a profession by providing information,on order and making large money out of these services.These services are on the increase as all human activities are expected to have a bearing on I.T and the internet.In the coming years,we are sure to witness new activities.All information based services require people trained in computer usage to execute them.This is the way information technology is currently looked upon.

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    IT engineers are on great demand in India and abroad.They are highly paid even though the work load is high.Since the coming of Infopark and Technopark in Kerala,it has become easier to get a good job in Kerala itself.Also, at present,its a favorable time for the budding engineers to become an entrepreneur in their own home town like start up village in Kochi.

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