A Holiday of 'Malabaris' in United Arab Emirates

The article describes some of the favorite picnic spots of the people from Kerala working in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The article reveals about the road trip and tourist location which the immigrants of U.A.E usually like to enjoy on a holiday in this country.

The people of Kerala say as a joke that we can see people from Kerala in each and every corner of the world. But it is no more funny today because this is becoming a true fact. Now we can see many immigrants from Kerala in United Arab Emirates especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The job offers and cool lifestyles had attracted more people from our state to Gulf countries. Now in each and every job section in any firm or company of U.A.E, we can find immigrants from Kerala, who are called as 'Malabaris' by Arabic people.
In Gulf countries holiday is on Friday, that is why the natives of U.A.E feel more duration for the night of Thursday. After finishing their busy work for the whole week they like to relax or get together and partying this night. Usually, they like to have a long drive at Friday to relax the body and mind. The plane roads of this country offers a comfortable road trip to the drivers, whatever the distance may.

Spring in the Desert

The Enchanting Miracle Garden
Miracle Garden located at Al Barsha, Dubai is a mind cooling spot for the travelers. A part of the desert are covered with flowers which gives an eye soothing sight to the visitors. The short pansy flowers are the attraction here which changes its color corresponding to the season. Here we can see the arches, walls and pyramids of flowers. Vintage cars decorated with flowers here is an interesting view. Drip irrigation is used for watering the plants and red soil is used for the landscaping here.

Lunch at Mubazzara park

The Beautiful Mubazzara Park
Families here love to enjoy spending time and having lunch at parks. Some of them spend the whole day with barbique grills, prams and strollers, and toys at Mubazzara Park located at Al-Ain. The warm water which origins from this park brings wonder to the the visitors. This water steams through a canal calm and quietly, where the people use to wet their legs. The people believe that this water has medicinal qualities.
After a few lanes of curvy roads we can see Jabel Hafeet Mountain Range covered by a thick yellow sand. The travelers can feel cool breeze and view beautiful natural scenes along the way.

The Luxurious Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Glorious Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the biggest Mosque of U.A.E located at Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Zayed was buried here, his funeral was the first ceremony celebrated here. The Mughal and Moor art can be visualized in the walls and sculptures. Four Minars encloses 1,80,000 square feet courtyard. The main prayer hall has the capacity of 40,000 people, which is decorated with the World's largest carpet designed in Iranian style which weighs 35 tons. The 24 carat gold gilded chandelier imported from Germany charmed with swarovski crystals, brings a luxurious view to the Mosque. The chandelier weighs about 12 tons, with 10 meter diameter and 15 meter height. The inside of the entire Mosque is decorated with marble, gold, semi-precious stones, crystals and ceramics which had made the mosque as glorious as heaven. The columns are covered with Mother of pearl.
The Mosque is surrounded by pool which reflects the striking white and gold colors shining in the sun which amplifies the beauty of the Mosque. This is an unique lightening system which reflects the Mosque's spectacular columns and the phases of moon.

The Adventurous Ferrari Amusement park

The Amazing Ferrari Museum
Ferrari Museum cum amusement Park is a favorable spot for those who loves adventure. The Famous Sports Car producers of the world creates this amazing 'world of speed' located at Abu Dhabi. The visitors can enjoy the 'speed of the Ferrari' with various rides from this amusement park. Special rides for children, the rides which fly over the mountains, palaces and oceans of Italy are the specials of this park. The people can enjoy the ride in old vintage Ferrari cars here. The car dance and car shows are the other attractions.

These are some of the favorable picnic spots which the people from Kerala working in U.A.E like to enjoy in their holidays. However, nights of Fridays are short in duration comparing to Thursday, busy work begins the next day.