Kokkathodu a sceinic place to trekk with

kokkathodu is a beautiful place located in pathanamthitta district.Kokkathodu is a very rarely explored place .Beautiful place to trekk.Kokkathodu is placed near to konni.A nice place to explore the beauty of nature by all means.

A must watch place in pathanamthitta.The scenic view of kokkathodu is very beautiful. In kokkathodu there is a rock in shape of an elephant is there. We can climb the rock or it can be used as a trekking place. You can reach kokkathodu by car or bike or by bus.Bus service is available from achankovil and konni.
kokkathodu is situated near kalleli. We can find the way to kalleli from konni - pathanamthitta route. There is a way to kalleli in the root from konni to pathanamthitta . By road it takes about 10 kilometer to reach the place. The road is not very good.
While going to kalleli we can find a forest out post. We need to fill in the details and reason to go to the place. Kokkathodu is situated 5 km from kalleli. there are chapaths in the way to flow water from rocks to the stream.
The stream got clean water. its sand and stones in the stream. nice place to take bath. The best way to bath is near the bridge. There will be wild animals in the forest. So please don't stop your vehicles at forest areas. Wild elephans are roaming frequently in some ways near kalleli. Don't bath in the waterfalls because no one will be there to rescue you or no one will her your call for help. Its a nasty fall. the depth is very huge in some places and the current of water is unpredictable. If its raining in the up areas we may not know about the rain but the water will come as a tsunami. Please use the stream near the bridge. watch out for the pits in stream which is formed due to the sand theft.
Please be alert if the smell of elephant is there.
The forest ranger will describe the place as it is a mess and please do not go there and do not ask for any help from the natives. But I think if you are polite to the natives they will help you a lot.
There is a ruined Buddha temple in kokkathodu. There is a temple named appoopankavu something like that on the way . In that temple umbrellas are hanged in the trees is a nice view.
From kalleli there are two chapaths(means the way to flow water from mountains to the stream through road) to reach Kokkathodu.The first one is a small chappath and second one is bigger. The best time to visit kokkathodu is on September to April because after the rain it will be greenish everywhere.
We found some kids jumping from trees to the stream .I prefer you not to perform their actions because they are experts in it.
<img src='http://www.spiderkerala.net/attachments/Resources/11229-191813-summer-splash-kokkathodu-stream.jpg' alt='summer splash in kokkathodu stream' style='padding:10px'>