Western Ghats and Kerala

Recently the Channels and News papers have been discussing issues connected with the conservation of Western Ghats. There was a High level Expert Committee, appointed by the Government, to study the issues connected with the Western Ghats and the related environmental issues. The panel of expert committee was headed by Prof. Madhav Gadgil, a renowned Environmental scientist. The Committee after studying various aspects submitted its report.
But the State Government was not happy over it due to the reactions of a section of the public.
Then another Committee headed by Dr.Kasthuri Rangan (a Space Scientist) was again appointed to look into the previous report and look into those issues on which protest were raised. The second report also was submitted, still many are not happy.
Destruction of Western Ghat will be a serious environmental issue, which might result in the demolition of the State itself, because all the 44 rivers flowing through this State are originating from that eco-system. Without water no living will be possible.
This I am posting just when I saw that no discussion on the issue has come out in this forum, which is supposed to discuss on issues related to Kerala.