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    Biogas plant which work on rice water

    News published that cost of LPG going to increas in this week.
    Some guys in Kannur made biogas plant work by using rice water and also we can grow fishes in it. The plant give gas for 1 hour by using 2 litters of rice water.
    Is this type of biogas plants can solve energy crisis. What is your oppenion about this.
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    I think it is a great work done by the boys in Kannur. In the begining itself if they could produce 1 hour gas by using 2 litres of rice water then they can make it even better which will be very useful for the people as the demand and rate of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is rapidly rising. It will be more useful if fishes can also be grown in it. It will be good solution to overcome the problem of energy crisis.

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    They build it in small scale for house hold purpose only. They take orders from all and install the plant in houses. They are trying to manufacture in large scale.

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    @Cijo George Thomas, in different part of the Kannur district people are depending on biogas plants for their domestic purpose. Biogas plant using rice water is a new information for me. But I heard about the biogas plants , where the source of fuel is the domestic waste, the urine of the cow and the waste water from the rubber sheet(latex) making plant. This is sufficient for throughout the day. Through the plant the gas is taking through pipe line which is connected to gas stove. You can control the valve for the supply. There is no safety issue like LPG cylinder.
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    Yes. It is also a new information to me. I have only heard of making biogas by rice straw wastes or other waste products. But i believe that it is also possible because nothing is impossible for people. Years back when people asks to level the ground then they will say that it is impossible but then came JCB's which made the work very easy. If we take every usefull stuffs around us then there is a great hardwork and teamwork behind its manufacture. So built ourself up so that we can also be legends. Best of luck.

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    Biogas plant which works on catile waste is common. It is very large and installing cost is much more than rice water plant. This plant is small and occupy less space.
    I heared this in News

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    Dear friends,
    I am a person having installed a biogas plant in my house and is being used. Rice water is of course good for producing gas. But if one is going for a biogas plant it should be usable to manage the waste of the house. Waste does not include plastic or paper wastes. Only bio-degradable waste should be used.
    If you use a plant with a capacity of four to five kilogram waste, you will get gas for burning about two hours. But remember that this gas has no pressure equivalent to that of LPG, hence more time will be required for boiling rice or water.

    Very often two hours will not be sufficient for a family to do all their cooking needs. Hence biogas plants can help reducing the use of LPG. These days all the families are short sized. (Remember that a biogas plant mentioned above will cost around Rs.12,000/- or more. Subsidies to the tune of 50% or more are available, if fitted through the Panchayath.

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    Dear members,bio gas plant is a very good alternative for the LPG. But those who are staying in city flat life I don't know how much it will be familiar and useful.
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    In the case of flat dwellers also waste is getting produced and they want it to be disposed. Then if all the dwellers cooperate they can go for a bigger tank in the bottom and produce gas and used for some common purposes. It is possible to light some common places with a little more technological input.

    [The author may please correct the spelling of "rice" in the original post heading].

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    Electricity generators which works on LPG gas are common in market, with some modifications on it we can use biogas to produce electricity.

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    If it is an actual fact that energy can be produced using rice water then can anyone share how it works and what did they actualy do to produce this. They may have revealed some of their ideas in public. I would like to know more about this information.

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    This information is not found in net. This is a new technology. I think methane gas is produced in it. Methane fuel is used in heavy duty trucks in coal mines etc Panchayath give helps for installing this type of biogas plants.

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