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    Use of social networking sites in school students

    Today social networking sites rooted deeply in our socity. An average student need 200MB data per day for him/ her only to use social networking sites. Students use phones in Schools, class rooms and during lecturies also. Girls and boys are some times fell in traps. Social networking sites become an adiction for some students. And some students use FB for study purpous and for communicating with distant relatives and so. In cities childrens of age 15 start useing Internet some timrs they don't know its use. Actualy they spent money for recharging sim cards and buying phones, more than given for study materials.
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    There are possitives aswell as negatives for the social networks like facebook, google plus, watsapp and so on. The students usualy become adicted to such things and they simply waste their time being online. On the other hand students use such social networks for their studies and they could do all their class works in time. It is also useful as it connects distant people and relatives together and can always be in touch. So it is advised to use such social networking sites for important uses and make the best from the time that you get.

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    Yes social networks help for studies and all. But today students spending big amount of money more than which needed for studies.

    This is smart phone world, students are flying like horny bee, from one phone to other or one sim to another. They are updated with new OS, not new chapter in text book. They buy new sim card or net card, not a note book. They are all very familier with new tech ,OS, phones etc, but know nothing about text book or subjects.

    Kerala is very smart with smart phones, all students have a smart phone in their hands. Researches found that students use smartphone more than others. If any shop publish, sim cards for free with many offers, students get it firstly. Students are the main users of social networks and internet.

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