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    Dont use Kurkure and Appy fizz

    We all heard about kurkure and appy fizz. It is found that appy fizz contain cancer cousing materials and recomented to avoid it. Kurkure is a popular snak, but it contain plastic and we can see if we burn it.
    This is a new information any one know more about it.
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    Defenitely. I also heared about this. Kurkure contains carcinogenic substance acrylamide. around 2-3 years back this information came in news paper.
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    I don't agree with this because it was over checked and explained by the owners that Kurkure has no plastics in it. Now also the products are manufactured and distributed in shops. If a company is producing such type of food products then how can they continue its production. It should have been banned after the day it was said to be harmful. Kurkure is a snack which uses edible ingredients such as
    rice meal, salt, corns, Indian spices, seasonings, grams. It is not at all harmful for the health. The reason why Kurkure melts when burned is that it contains carbohydrates and some salts. It is the starch which is actualy burned.

    It is sure that not a single food products is brought to the shops without doing food tests and getting their approvals. This fake information may be given by some person who doesn't like this product. The only thing to be feared is that its over use can cause increase in blood cholestrol. I believe Kurkure has no harm in it if we are consuming it in a controled manner (once a week). So enjoy it during your evening snacks. Best of luck.

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    There was some great rumour spread all over the country that the soft drink called 'appy fizz' could cause cancer and also contains non vegetarian content like pork in it. But i do believe that these are fack informations spread by the rumours. Actually the ingredients used in appy fiizz are as follows: Water, carbon dioxide, reconstitued apple, Ascorbic Acid, Malic Acid, Citric Acid , Juice, Sugar, Permitted (Class II), Preservatives (E211,E224 II), Preservatives (E211,E224)

    Appy fizz which is a carbonated juice is not at all harmful as it is not proved by any scientists or any other companies. It is true that excess consumtion of the juice along with gassy candy may seriously cause problems. So think of it any rest is your choise. Best wishes.

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