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    Is the way of teaching students in Kerala appreciable ?

    The way of teaching students in Kerala is not at all fully benificial. Teachers or lectures used to come into the class and suddenly start explaining the entire chapter after taking attendance. Then when the classes are over, very few students ask their doubts those who have good ability to grasp things easily. While others sits like a statue. They are not even trained to raise questions infront and express their ideas. So students lack communication skills and creative minds. In many interviews we notice that there are students who achieved top class grads and marks but they lack good personality, communicative skill, creativity, ideas, capability to raise questions in a group and all. Parents and teachers should give sufficient co-curricular skills to the new generation. It will be more benificial for the students if lucturing is done along with some audio visuals because no information can be kept lasting in students brain by simply doing lectures.

    The things that are tought now are rather demonstrated by drawing in boards. This way of teaching should be stoped and things should be more practical. For example: if we are teaching about "Apple", the teachers should demonstrate the orginal apple rather draw it in black board. In this way students will never forget the things that they see and learn. So what is your opinion about this and is the present way of teaching a satisfaction to you. Do respond.
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    Teachers should love their proffession. Then only a teacher can inject their knowledge in to the brain of each and every student. Forced teaching system and spoon feeding exists now, so students hate teachers and subjects.
    When this spoon feeding system get stoped and students start studying & search for informations themselfs, then our education become complete succesfull.

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    I am not sure whether the query refers to teaching in schools or colleges. If you are raising this issue with reference to the teaching in college classes, I feel there is some amount of truth. Of course there teachers in colleges also who do not follow the method mentioned. however, some modifications are needed in teaching at colleges so that it becomes more attractive and conveying messages and information to the recipients.

    What I feel about the methodology of College teaching is that every teacher should make the students not only understand the subject but also generate in them a questionable mentality. Thereby every student become creative and feel like doing some research to generate a new 'knowledge'. Also the teacher should attract the students' attention to more references in the topics and read them.

    The teaching in schools of Kerala (those following Kerala syllabus)has completely become student oriented. Students are to do themselves several things and the teachers guide them suitably. They are now familiar with project works and such other related teaching methods.

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    The question is raised for getting response on both the cases ie; teaching in schools as well as in colleges. The students are less satisfied in both the cases. They need some changes and would like to make their classes very interesting. Hope there will be some changes in the system in coming years.

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    In continuation of my earlier response I may add a few more points.
    In the case of teaching in colleges, what I feel is a lack of training is obvious. There is no any scheme at present to train college teachers. For a school teacher B.Ed. or similar training is a must for entering the job.
    Where as in colleges any one with a post graduate degree can become a college teacher (and the funniest thing is that these people are referred as 'Professor').So, naturally there will be lot differences in the teaching methods followed by each teacher. This definitely affects the students' learning capacity.
    At the higher level what is expected is to give training to students to do themselves, naturally with the correct guidance. Teacher, then must be a good guide.

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