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    Suggest some new scientific and innovate ideas to prevent road accidents.

    With increasing number of vehicle in the present generation news about road accidents is almost taking a permanent place in news paper everyday. Though the Govt advices to were helmet,which is personal protection. I don't find any new innovation implemented in construction of roads,as unscientific laying of road is also major reason for many accidents. kindly share your views.
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    Our roads dont have the space to occupy large number of vehicles. Now number of vehicles are more than human. Need to increase the width of road or reduce the number of vehicles. fly overs, metro rails, special ways for heavy vehicles, auto controling of speed of vehicles in cities and highways using gps system by traffic control police. this are my tipes

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    Road accidents are on an increasing trend in Kerala, no doubt. But the authorities are not taking any actions to solve this issue. Number of vehicles in Kerala is increasing day by day. A report says the number of vehicles is now almost two times the number of families in Kerala !

    But what about the developments in road conditions. Most of the roads cannot take this much of traffic. Even National Highways passing through Kerala do not have the required quality of highways.
    Very often highways are constructed with several bends, ups and downs. The width may not be sufficient in certain junctions. Speed restrictions are not strictly followed. Road discipline is not maintained by most of the drivers, especially the two wheeler- three wheeler drivers.
    Government should control the number private vehicles jamming the cities. Just as done in certain advanced countries, some restrictions in the number of passengers in a car when entering a city must be introduced. No car with a single passenger should be allowed within the city, it should have three or more passengers. Public transport system should be encouraged, where ever possible.
    In junctions in cities if necessary fly-overs should be constructed. Free left in all junctions must be strictly followed.
    Several such measures must be taken by the authorities to reduce the vehicle accidents.

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    Accidents in Kerala is increasing in a rapid pace. If we compare Kerala with other developed places llike America, gulf countries and all, we can notice many difference not only in rules but also in the behavior of the drivers. The roads in Kerala are complicated with great twists and turns but we can rarely see any of them in developed places. It is because roads were constructed after the development of infrastructures, so there was no way to make long straight roads for safe rides. More than that the traffic rules are very rarely followed in Kerala as the authorities are highly corrupted.

    The roads should be made wide and separated. Those drivers who doesnot follow the traffic rules should be penalised.

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    A major hurdle as far as Kerala is concerned is the population. The density of population is the high in Kerala with 859 persons per square kilo meter, where as the density of population in the country is only 382 persons/km. More over the available land has several hilly and water filled areas. The tendency of people here is to build the house as far as possible near a public road. This creates problems when the roads are to be widened.
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    There are many more solutions to limit the accidents occuring day by day. Good standard driving centers should be implemented with well equiped and developed items. All the vehicles should be made fully automating machines including the gear as everyone cannot enjoy their ride complete as they have to concentratre on changing gear. Maximum amount of long roads should be built as straight as possible. Speed detecting radars should be placed in major places and those who are caught for over speed should be strictly penalised. Speed governers should be strictly implanted in all the vehicles so that the driver can understand when he drives at a speed more that recommended in Kerala.

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    @T.M.Shankaran Sir,: Restriction is number of passengers in a car at least when entering the cities is a good point. It not only reduces accident, but also reduces the carbon foot prints. But I doubt whether it can be implemented in India as it may affect once Right to Freedom.
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