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    ATM counters without safety

    In past many days we heard about the lot of incidents and accidents regarding the safety of an ATM. Lots of also lot of discussions has been carried out by media and people. After that Government took the decision to close the ATM counters without a security person. After that also many incidents are happening. Still I have seen lot of ATM counter without a security. Dear members what is your opinion about it?
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    The ATM conters in Kerala are not at all protected rather they are simply kept open for 24 hours. It is difficult to steal money without having ATM cards or without knowing others password but keeping this unprotected will increase the tendancy to make people steal through modern technologies. In all the ATM counters there should be proper door locking system which helps to reduce its misuse. This system only allows the people who have a valid ATM card with themselves to enter in. C.C. Tv cameras should be implanted and kept active for 24 x 7. A well trained security is also a must so as to keep not only ATM counter safe but also their whole bank. So always give suggestions and advices to such banks so as to lead a safe life. Best wishes.

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    Only certain banks post 24 hours security personnel in front of ATM counters.Many are not doing this. Looting money from ATMs which are unmanned and is located in certain corners are looted by destroying the machine itself. It will be better if two or more ATMs are placed side by side and a common watch man is posted.

    Recently there was a report that the Banks are going to restrict the number of withdrawals through ATMs. If money is withdrawn more number of times than specified the bank will collect service charge. The charge thus collected will be for paying the monthly allowance for the security personnel. However it has not been implemented.

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