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    People's commission for Vembanad ecosystem

    Vembanad lake in Kerala is one of the major lakes lying adjacent to the Arabian sea. Effectively this large lake has reduced in its size. Almost two third of it cannot be considered as lake in its true sense, and out of this several portions are filled up for several activities.
    Encroachments and human interference take place regularly killing this ecologically and environmentally rich area of Kerala. The very construction of Thanneermukkam bund for increasing the rice production on the eastern side of the bund (Kuttanad) was one major human action which affected the natural quality of the lake. Several living organisms like fishes, clams, etc. started slowly vanishing from the lake. This affected the livelihood means of several ordinary people, especially the weaker section. Added to this the tourism industry started to influence the area, which led to high level of encroachment to the landed as well as water areas. Water quality also started deteriorating due to pollution.

    As a result of all these people working in traditional sectors started agitating against these, and moved the courts. Hon'ble Supreme court and High court interfered. A couple of cottages constructed were asked to demolish. The State Govt. was asked to submit a detailed report on encroachments and related issues.
    Meanwhile a People's commission has been constituted to collect and study all details regarding this issue and submit the the report to the people of Kerala. Topmost Scientists, Economists, Planners, etc. are members of this commission. The work on report is expected to be completed within six months.
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    People's commission for vembanad ecosystem set up by Shasthra Sahithya Parishath for the study of nature and extend of encroachment of wetland. Still I am remembering one news that published in leading news paper in almost last month of the Previouse year. At that time only I was aware of this commision. The recommendation by this commisions are lake conservation plans,inventory of lake and improvement of lake hydrology etc.
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    Dear friend,
    I doubt whether you are mentioning about the People's commission for Vembanad Ecosystem, which I mentioned in my post above. You have mentioned about the recommendations, How is that? The Commission has just finished two sittings. First one was for formulating the Terms of Reference and also to visit the resorts in disputes. In second sittings it organized discussions with the stake holders, one at Kumarakam and other at Alappuzha. The study could be completed only within six months, since it is planned to conduct sample survey also to get direct comments from stake holders.
    (You also commented that 'At that time only I was aware of this commission' How you arrived at that conclusion. (For your information, if you are mentioning about Parishath's Commission, I am its 'Secretariat Convener', internationally known Economist Prof.Prabhath Patnaik is its Chairman.

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    Sir, I told about the Parishath commision only. After reading your thread I thought that both are same. Sorry for my mistake sir. That is why I mentioned about the one news that I read in news paper before 2-3 month.
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    You are right. People's Commission on Vembanad Ecosystem is the Commission set up by Kerala Sastra sahitya Parishat. But what I meant was it is still collecting details and we expect to finish the work and bring out a report within another four or five months. It is a laborious work since several stake holders are involved. Of course, I shall summarise the results here in these columns once it is completed. Thank you for taking interest in this topic.
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