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    The days of Library are counted in Kerala.

    Kerala has been in front of other States in India with regard to several qualities of life. In certain cases it equals even with the developed countries of the world. This was made possible only through several social movements and left organizations which fought for equality and literacy throughout. As part of their campaigns libraries were established in almost all villages and towns of the state.

    These libraries became common meeting places for the local people and helped them know each other. Sharing of ideas and knowledges also took place there. Availability of News papers and radios in these libraries helped passing latest news throughout the village. Many developed the habit of reading and the tendency for learning got developed. There is no wonder that this State could become the first State to become completely literate.

    Hence the role of libraries is so important in the growth of Kerala. Its development is only because of the people's changed attitude which they could learn from reading and discussing. These libraries are now facing a threat because of certain anti attitude of the Government. Government are thinking of stopping the payment of annual grants to these libraries, which are meant for purchasing new books and paying a small allowance to the person looking after the library and its books. Actually the fund is collected from the people as cess for the house tax (a small percent of the tax) through the local bodies such as Panchayaths, Municipalities, etc.
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    Today libraries are disappearing from Kerala. This is mainly because of the lack of readers and members in these libraries. Today the technology provides us several other opportunities so they have no time for reading. Reading is now a scarce habit among people mainly children and playing games and watching tv are replacing it.
    This should be considered as a very serious problem. Reading is very important for a child as it can develop their language skill. So reading should be made a habit. This habit should be involved in your daily life so that it can help you a lot in your future.

    Thank you.

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    I am sorry for the late comment from my side on this issue. The reading habits of the people of the state in particular and the country in general is changed not because of the attitude of the Government, but because of the change in circumstances. With the advent of widespread facility of entertainment avenues like the theaters/cinema houses, TVs/channels, wwws, online literature on any subject etc has changed the habits of reading. The change is mainly from reading books to electronic reading. However, there is a decline in the reading habits of people due to the entertainment avenues available.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Library is has indeed vanished from the place due to the new innovative technologies and i feel that is a great way to speed up the process of spreading information. It is true that we will not get the self satisfaction and such a feeling while we read online but the process would indeed be dashing through in an alarming rate. No one is willing to spend their time going to the libraries and searching for information. Everything what you need is now available online and we could grab them in split seconds. So i support the new style being followed and hopefully this could help our new generation to develop swiftly.

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    I am a person who always support changes, changes are inevitable. Its a must for our existence in this competitive world. If we are talking about the usage of libraries then yes it has taken a downstream on the back drops of technological development. Now we live in a world where every information is just clicks away. The world wide web has indeed stretched a web across countries and made is possible for communication and information transfer in seconds. Now a says we have e books available on the internet which is far more advanced and easier than the rigorous task of going till the library, searching for books, on finding it standing in que for getting it issued and what all clauses associated with it. So yes the change is for good, the change is for betterment, it is for development, so lets just accept it.

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