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    Summer is almost here in Kerala

    Summer months are here in Kerala with the February moving to its second half. Hot scorching Sun makes it difficult to move around in the noon time. at the same time it is a bit cold in the early morning time.

    I remember my childhood at this time. In the village where we lived we had our house in between trees. Several mango trees were in the compound. In the noon time we used to come out the house and sit under the trees, especially when the mangoes ripe. Being children we used to climb over the tree and pluck ripe mangoes and eat them sitting on the branches of trees. How sweet was that, there is nothing to compare that.
    Those who could not climb on the tree would wait on the floor to get one or two mangoes plucked by those who are over the tree. These were the pictures of those childhood days!
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    This is a good story about the author. It is very interesting and I believed every member had same or almost same experience like this. It is very good when one remembers the old days.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Great to hear your story sir. It will be one among your unforgettable days. I have also climbed many trees to eat fruits with my friends in my childhood. But this is a rare scene in present days as lots and lots of trees have been cut off for human use and misuse too. I have also mentioned about the increasing deforestation in Kerala. All these misuse should be banned and those who cuts one tree should plant three replacing it.

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    You are right. If we look back there are several sweet memories in the past of each of us. It will be interesting to note down and post so that others can also get inspired to do so. In my case there are several things which, I think, shall be shared one after another.
    Gold Member, SPK

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