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    Rice eating people of Kerala discards its production.

    People of Kerala used to depend on rice for their staple food from time immemorial. Naturally they gave importance to its production within the state. But these days things are changing. They are depending on rice imported from neighbouring States such as Tamil Nadu, Andhra, etc. The paddy fields are being converted for construction of residential or industrial buildings. This not only reduce the rice production but also adversely affects the water conservation.

    Again another tragedy is that the hills are getting removed because of soil removal for filling paddy fields or roads. This again affects the water conservation adversely.
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    Dear Sir,
    I fully agree with your views.
    As the population increases, the demand also increases.Resourses are limited within the states. I think, the imports of foodstuff from other states are cheaper than local production.
    In order to promote agricultural growth, to ensure food security and to sustain ecological system Govt of Kerala introduced one Act called The Kerala a conservation of Paddy land and wet land Act 2008 which prohibits conversion or reclamation of Paddy land.

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    You are right Mr Neeraj. There is an Act to prevent the filling of paddy fields. But the process of filling and constructing buildings in the filled up area takes place every where. No Authorities are coming forward to prevent it. How many hectares of paddy fields have now become housing colonies in the neighbourhood of most of the cities and towns in Kerala.
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    This is really sad and it is greatly affecting the people and even the food industry. The government should do something about this immediately.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    My dear friend, the Government is encouraging those who fill up the paddy fields in different ways. By allowing to construct an aerodrome at Aaranmula, hectares of paddy lands are allowed to be filled.
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    I suspect, some lobby is trying to establish that the filled up area is not coming under paddy land/wetland category so that the Act is not applicable.

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    Situation is alarming.
    Wetland/Paddy land reclamation is rampant in northern districts.81% of paddy land is already filled up in Kannur district.

    We can find that the owners of these lands are poor farmers and land owners. They are leasing their land for commercial purposes for better returns as farm earnings are minimal.
    I feel, strict implementation of the Paddy land conversion act will harm only the poor people. We need a bill to prohibit the transaction/leasing of paddy land.

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