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    Mango, a country fruit liked by everybody.

    Mango is a fruit which is liked by most of us. In Kerala this is the season of mangoes. Different varieties of mangoes, generally found and well grown in Kerala , attract the lovers of this fruit. These varieties are used in small – raw form for pickling. Once it is grown into its size and become ripe children gather around the mango tree to collect ripe mangoes which fall when wind flows. One such type of mangoe is locally known as ' Chandrakkaaran'. These days these varieties are getting replaced by mangoes coming from outside the State. Most of these belong to 'Ottu manga' category.

    Now the latest news says that the Scientists at Indian council of Agricultural Research have succeeded in discovering almost about 90 percent of genes which contribute to the differences in each variety. Report indicates that 78,831 genes have been identified. India has about thousand varieties of mangoes. But out of them only about 25 varieties are commercially important. Among various countries India produce maximum mangoes . Still, how much this new discovery of genes will help improve the production and commercialisation are yet to be seen
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    Dear member, this is a very good thread and information you have posted here. It is a good one because interested members ators can actually visit this thread and know more about the fruit in kerala. However, I will like you to produce it as a resource and post it in the article section.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    In this article, I have a point to note that the discovery of genes and its modification can improve the production and commercialization.
    But, this genetic modification can cause genetic disorder in humans also, if you consume it?
    I am not an expert in this field. Still I am just thinking.
    Genetically modifying means you are interfering the natural system. Can we think like that?

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    Here the attempt is to retain the traditional varieties and increase its production. Once the genetic code is identified it is possible. Now what happens is that such varieties are removed from the compounds, because it consumes lot of space. When the parental property is divided (partitioned) naturally each gets small portions. If such a large tree is occupying in the small plot, it will be problem, hence the only alternative will be cutting it.
    Genetic modification do not affect the people who uses it, that is what I understand. Of course, I shall try to collect more information about it later.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Don't fear about genetic modification when using a genetically modified fruit. Genetic modification may come by some radiations.

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    Genetic modification may come by radiations. Can you please elaborate Rajlekshmi?

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    Mango is very sweet any everyone will love to have one. Mangos are of different types with different tastes. Mango pickle commonly called "kadukumanga achar" in Kerala is famous and the favorite of all malayalees. Children would climb trees with their friends during season and share it with each other. It is a great feeling. But today children lacks these sort of fun experiences. Now everything are available in market and no one is economically in crisis. So do not waste your childhood without such great memories with your friends. Best wishes.

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