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    Do you think this Election will reduce corruption in future?

    Do you think this Election will reduce corruption in future?

    Corruption is a way of life in our society. Politicians are corrupt, officers are corrupt, doctors are corrupt, Engineers are corrupt, teachers are corrupt, business is corrupt and everybody is corrupt.
    Economic growth and corruption are directly proportional. More growth more corruption.

    Corruption is there in US, China, Japan Russia and all over the world. In some countries corruption is in a sophisticated way hence not affected by public directly but it is there.

    So we can conclude that corruption is there wherever human involvement is there.
    To reduce corruption, reduce human involvement in decision making. We should develop a technology to run the country without any human interference. Let system run the country!
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    You are trying to establish that corruption is there all over the world; it cannot be controlled; it is part of everybody; like this. I am not for accepting it as such.
    You are in a position to say that there is corruption in our system. When you say that pointing toward somebody you are not corrupt, one will have to assume. So you have a hard platform where you are standing and pointing your finger against a wrong practice.
    Like you there are several people who are not corrupt. It is only because of them that this society is moving forward. If you go to an office you can meet officers who are willing to help you (not all, of course). It is such minority of them who actually help things work in the Government Offices.
    Like this there are politicians who are not corrupt, may be their number will be less. But if we just keep quite and allow the corruption to continue in our public life our future will be miserable. So let us fight corruption. If any chance is there try to make use of this election for that purpose.

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    Dear Sir,
    I am in variance with your views.
    People are not borne as corrupt.Situatios/circumstances through which they live make them corrupt. Today's honest man become corrupt tomorrow because of the circumstances he is facing.
    The Government, an elected group of people can't make the atmosphere for entire population to think in an honest way.

    I agree that there are honest people in many places and because of them the society is moving. But, at the same time a group of dishonest people corrupting the society. Through the Election process we can try to put honest people in key positions. But, the power makes them corrupt. It is a human tendancy.There is no guarantee that the new elected representatives will reduce corruption. Human thinking is complex.

    My view on this issue is that we should have an automated administrative system where the corrupt practices are automatically turned down when anybody approaches it, for that we need to develop the technology.

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    Very often we are forced to become corrupt. For example if we go to an office to get something done. It may be for getting the license to construct a house or something similar. It is very common that the officer turns down telling some reason or other. Thus we will be forced to walk several time.finally, a peon or some other Assistant says that the officer will sanction it only if he gets 'something'. What shall we do under such a situation? Our requirement is getting a sanction for an important paper. Very often majority solves such a situation by paying something to the officer, thus becoming a corrupt man!
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    If there is a government with correct laws without loop holes,then only we can analyze a problem correctly within a limited time. But there will be people who affect negatively also.The people of India should think about the matter. But now people are more attracted towards corruption, because more money can be easily obtain using corruption.

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    I don't think that there will be any change in our system after this election. Every year leaders put forward many promises to the people and very often it is seen that they are done. Corruption free Kerala should be the major propaganda behind every election but till now no political parties have managed to eradicate corruption from Kerala. But every time when people donate their valuable votes, they dream for a better Kerala. Let us hope that the new government will fulfill all the needs of people and built up a better Kerala.

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