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    Quarrying in Kerala has become a problem

    Kerala is a very small State with about 600 km in length and an average width around hundred km. But the amount of construction works going on here is beyond any body's guess. Roads, bridges, buildings and several other constructions. All these need granite(or laterite). Naturally, several quarrying activities are going on here. Many are with license and many are without. The number of licensed ones is 4,653 as per a statement of the Minister in the Assembly.But almost an equal number or more are working here without license.

    Distribution of these quarries district-wise is as follows: Trivandrum - 185, Kollam - 128, Pathanamthitta - 167, Kottayam - 213, Alappuzha - 9, Idukki - 129, Ernakulam - 444, Thrissur - 343, Palakkad - 228, Malappuram - 874, Kozhikkod - 283, Kannur - 1100, Wynad - 69, Kasargod - 481.
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    Equal number of unlicensed quarries means Govt is losing 100% revenue as royalty.
    I understand, there is rule that abandoned quarries are to be restored with greening the area with medicinal herbs and other plants.
    Outright banning of quarrying is not workable; at the same time Govt is not able to control the quarrying activities. Weird situation.

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    It is true that the rate of construction works in Kerala has rose to its peak and thereby increasing the demand of granite. Thus quarrying is done to complete the work in presentable manner. Years back people were not financially grown to use granite in their houses but now almost every new buildings constructed use these costly granite. People are now not in those historical stage anymore. They have now grown to a stage where they could buy anything of their wish. So, the main reason for these ecological imbalances are the overusage of resources and thus risking environmental health.

    But i am not against the increased rate of construction works in Kerala. It has to be done for the development of the state. But to reduce the rising problems due to quarrying, civil engineers should find out a suitable replacement for the granite which will have the use similar to that of granite and it's production should also be eco-friendly. Therefore, the government should ban all those people who doesn't have the licence for quarrying and implement some strict rules which are useful for everyone.

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