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    World’s biggest election starts

    World's biggest election starts

    Over the next six weeks more than half a billion Indians will go to 930,000 polling stations in the 16th general election since the country won independence from Britain in 1947. The exact impact of the 120 million first-time voters expected to cast their ballots is hotly debated.

    No political parties speak about population control. The huge population is a disaster in making. From where they are going to get the resources to satisfy the aspirations of the young Indians?

    Our people want best of everything without hard work and sacrifice.
    We need discipline and sustained hard work to break out all issues relate to the human kind.
    Can new Government be able to provide stability and prosperity?
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    Indians are going to polling booths to choose their representatives who are expected to work for the betterment of them and thereby that of the Nation. Since majority of the candidates in the fray belong to one or other political party the individual getting elected become part of the party winning the majority (Presently no single party comes to power, only a combination of different parties reach in the power).

    Once in power majority forget about the people who voted them to power. Their aim will be to look after their own interests. This is evident from the reports appearing in media. The number of candidates with crores of assets has increased several times in this General election compared to the previous. At the same time the living conditions of the middle class and the lower class are becoming miserable day by day. Price of everything is going on increasing day by day. So what is this democracy showing to the world?

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    The point you raised about population control will never be in the agenda of political parties. Because the minority communities will not like such an approach and naturally it will be reflected in their decision of their part want to lose their vote.Muslim as well as Christian communities had stated against the population control policies of the Government.
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    It is important for you to know that population control can not be an agenda for an election. The main agenda should be on development and economic growth of the country.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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