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    A story by an NRI about Kerala - do you agree with it ?

    Today i met one malayalee NRI and we did long chat on a story that he said about Kerala. I found it to be interesting one and thought of sharing it with you guys. Do read the story and express your opinion on it. His story is given below.

    "Crab exporting is a major job in most of the places in India. Once many states including Kerala exported tons of crabs in large containers. The country which imported these crabs found out that one of the containers had no lid and was packed from Kerala. The importers rose against this and informed a malayalee worker about it. But the malayalee worker just laughed and replied that neither of the crabs will jump out from the container if it is from Kerala. Importers got surprised and asked the reason. He replied that if one tries to escape then rest of the crabs will pull it down and that's Kerala."

    Does this story have any reality ? But note that for every aspect there is an exception.
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    In Kerala, people are exactly like these crabs. If one notices a growth in other then society will not allow him to grow up. People who tries to do any good for their state will be stabbed. Everywhere we see there are jealousy and hatred among people. This is the main reason why Kerala hasn't developed well till now. Will there be any change for this situation ?

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    This is a story popular among Kerala people, especially among those who are related with export of marine products. It is a story meant to show the attitude of Kerala people generally. There is a tendency to tarnish a person if he is showing some growth in his career. Competition is so high that each tries to defeat the other.

    Most of the people are well educated and the openings are limited to accommodate all. Hence those in a particular field try their best to get hold of the post by all means.Naturally, he will have to pull down the other to reach the position. This attitude is symbolically shown through the above story of crabs.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Thank you sir for your valuable response. I was eagerly waiting for the responses that this forum will receive but i was wrong. None seems to be interested in such topics and also the participation of members is really worse. Hope some more responses will come in future.

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    This is a story adapted and made as a Kerala related story from an identical Indian story. I have come across the story and several cartoons with the essence of the story about the Indians. Kerala being a part of the country, there is nothing surprising to find similar traits in Keralites. Perhaps a search is made for similar stories from other states, I will not be surprised to find the same in almost all states. However, one thing we have to admit is that this trait is found in a majority of areas of India. That is why the Muslims could plunder,loot (and finally rule us for 5 centuries) various then countries of present India. It for the same reason the Britishers could rule us for about a century. By that time even the Muslims who came from outside became like Indians.
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    Good story Cijo. Some times this is Kerala and Malayalies doing.

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    This is a good story but this relates to everywhere.....Everyone....not only Kerala or Malayalies...............But yep we have it but what has that to do with NRI........

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